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We build women’s collective power in the U.S.

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We don’t just write a check and move on.

We provide strategic assistance that builds leadership, strengthens organizations and seeds long-term solutions.

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We center women and girls of color.

We know that those most affected by systemic oppression have the solutions. We believe in honoring their voices and supporting their leadership. 


The work of our foundation and our grantees has moved culture, policy and society in new and positive directions.

Stemming from the Pocket Change study, the Ms. Foundation convened a Women’s Council of Indigenous leadership to understand how such funding discrepancies are a direct byproduct of colonization and institutional systems, identify vital funding needs for Native women, and how to shift the philanthropic paradigm to one that prioritizes Native communities.

Transforming Philanthropy, Prioritizing Women and Girls of Color


The Ms. Foundation released our landmark Pocket Change report which revealed that the total philanthropic giving to women and girls of color is just $5.48 per year for each woman or girl of color in the U.S., accounting for just 0.5% of the total $66.9 billion given by foundations.

Transforming Philanthropy, Prioritizing Women and Girls of Color


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