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To create narrative shifts and change public discourse to one that centers inclusive gender and racial equity, we must amplify and listen to the voices of people and communities not heard enough.

Here, you’ll find stories, perspectives, and thought-provoking insights from our staff, grantee partners, and others about the issues impacting anyone affected by gender inequity, along with learnings from our organization.

Ms. Welcomes Alanis Alvarez

September 11, 2023

Ms. Welcomes Alanis Alvarez

Alanis Alvarez (she/her) joins the Ms. Foundation as the Designer and Brand Coordinator.

by Ms. Foundation

Ms. on the Move: Women Deliver Conference in Rwanda

August 16, 2023

Ms. on the Move: Women Deliver Conference in Rwanda

I traveled to Kigali, Rwanda, to attend the Women Deliver 2023 Conference in July. This year, the conference was hosted by the Rwandan government at the Kigali Conference Centre. The theme was Spaces, Solidarity, and Solutions. I was in Rwanda for 10 days, and I joined over 6,300 people fighting for a feminist future.

by Teresa C. Younger