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To create narrative shifts and change public discourse to one that centers inclusive gender and racial equity, we must amplify and listen to the voices of people and communities not heard enough.

Here, you’ll find stories, perspectives, and thought-provoking insights from our staff, grantee partners, and others about the issues impacting anyone affected by gender inequity, along with learnings from our organization.

50 Years of the Ms. Foundation: Cassandra Welchlin

March 27, 2023

50 Years of the Ms. Foundation: Cassandra Welchlin

Throughout our 50th anniversary year, we’re telling the stories of leaders who have worked with the Ms. Foundation during different periods of the organization’s history. This Q&A was written by Cassandra Welchlin, Executive Director and co-convener of Mississippi Black Women’s Roundtable, which is a former Ms. Foundation grantee partner.  Tell us about your relationship with […]

by Cassandra Welchlin

Grantee Partner Spotlight: Provide

March 20, 2023

Grantee Partner Spotlight: Provide

Provide is a nonprofit that partners with health and social service workers to build a healthcare system that’s equipped to respond to unintended pregnancy and abortion. Provide is a Ms. South grantee partner.

by Fatimah Gifford