We build women’s collective power in the U.S.

2022 Annual Report

Dear Friends,

I hope this note finds you rested and joyful.

This year, as COVID restrictions lifted across much of the country, we had the chance to reimagine our future. What comes next? Which aspects from life before COVID do we want to keep, and what aspects do we want to rebuild? How do we work towards a future that is truly feminist?

COVID changed so much about how we live, how we work, and how we relate to one another. One thing that 2022 showed us was just how much we’ve got our own backs. As burdens grew and support networks continued to break down for women, and particularly women of color, those most impacted were the ones who showed up.

In June, our worst fears were confirmed – the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, stripping the country of the fundamental right to decide if and when to parent. We took time to mou\r\n \the ruling, and then we got to work. We’ve always known that Roe was the floor, not the ceiling. Achieving true reproductive justice is more essential than ever, and we are prepared to fight alongside grassroots leaders. This year, we had the honor of announcing our Birth Justice Initiative, which centers the leadership, voices and experiences of women of color in the fight for birth justice. In the initial round of grantmaking, we invested $1 million in support of birth justice organizations across the spectrum of movement building and organizing.

Collectively, we distributed more than $5.2 million in direct grants in FY22. This year’s grants provided general operating support for more than 150 grantee partners throughout the country, overwhelmingly led by and for women and girls of color, to help advance a wide variety of projects in order to strengthen reproductive justice, improve economic security, and support equity and justice for all. This year and every year, we are so proud to stand alongside our incredible grantee partners who represent trailblazers at the helm of social justice. With our communities and our fundamental human rights under attack, there has never been a more crucial time for this work. And it would be impossible to do this essential work without the generous support of our donors.

This year was monumental. We released an assessment of the Indigenous Women’s Reproductive Justice funding landscape, titled Tired of Dancing to Their Song. We traveled to Washington, D.C. for the historic confirmation of Ketanji Brown Jackson. We came together in-person for the Women of Vision Awards after two years of virtual galas. You’ll have the chance to learn about all of this and more in the report ahead.

As we look back, we’re also looking forward. The future we’re building is bold and beautiful. It is equitable and full of opportunity. When we see the enthusiasm and passion of our supporters and partners across the country, we can say with confidence that the future is feminist.

Alicia Lara, Board Chair & Teresa C. Younger, President & CEO

Grantmaking Initiatives & Capacity Building

Safety, Health, and Economic (S.H.E.)

For the last several years, Ms. Foundation for Women has supported the intersectional work of women and girls of color through a unified, overall grantmaking and capacity building program titled Safety, Health and Economic Justice (S.H.E.). Rather than individual program areas, our approach aligns our core strategy holistically and collaboratively across social justice issues and movements.

Learn more about the Safety, Health, and Economic (S.H.E.) grantmaking initiative.

Activist Collaboration & Care Fund

The Ms. Foundation launched the Activist Collaboration and Care Fund (ACF) to deepen collaboration across social justice movements for women and girls of color. The goal of the ACF is to support and strengthen the under-resourced work of relationship and trust-building that is, in fact, at the heart of transformational movement building. The funds help facilitate collaboration in meaningful, non-prescriptive ways.

Learn more about the Activist Collaboration & Care Fund grantmaking initiative.

Ms. South

Ms. South is a multi-year grantmaking strategy to build power for Women and Girls of Color (WGOC). We amplify the leadership of WGOC and support the sustainability of the ecosystem of organizations. Ms. South resources and networks organizations that do movement building and organizing work in 14 key states: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia.

The South is significantly underinvested in by philanthropy; Ms. Foundation’s 2020 report, Pocket Change found that the average per capita funding for WGOC is only $2.36, well below half of the national average, $5.48.

Learn more about the Ms. South grantmaking initiative.

Building Connections Initiative

In order to be transformational, we need the issues impacting women and girls, especially women and girls of color, to be front and center in all social movements, from climate change and immigrant rights to economic and racial justice. A component of the Building Connections Initiative is to engage with other funders to support and move resources to strategic efforts led by and centering women and girls of color, Trans women and girls of color, and Indigenous women and girls.

Learn more about the Building Connections Initiative.

Girls of Color Initiative

The Ms. Foundation’s Girls of Color Initiative is a national initiative developed to provide grantmaking, leadership development, and capacity-building resources to support the advocacy and movement building of adolescent girls of color in the U.S. and its territories. Consistent with the Ms. Foundation’s strategic approach, the initiative prioritizes supporting groups led by and/or centering adolescent girls of color, and cross-movement building efforts centering their advocacy needs.

Learn more about the Girls of Color Initiative. 

Capacity Building

The Ms. Foundation for Women seeks to develop sustainable women and girls of color (WGOC) leaders and organizations, fortify the social justice infrastructure at the local and state levels, and position grantee leaders and organizations as experts on key issues. By investing in the capacity of grantees, Ms. builds the leadership of those on the front lines who are leading powerful movements to transform systems of oppression so that all people can live full, secure, and healthy lives.

The Ms. Capacity Building strategy provides grants to WGOC organizations and leaders to strengthen their sustainability, resiliency, and connectivity. Capacity building grants support organizational sustainability, provide flexible funding during organizational growth, leadership transitions, and organizational change, as well as opportunities that emerge from crises.


In 2022, Ms. Foundation for Women launched our first national, open call request for proposals for our Birth Justice Initiative to support Black, Indigenous, and people of color communities in addressing racial based health disparities in birth experiences and birth outcomes.

Through this initiative, we will mobilize funding and capacity building resources nationally to organizations implementing birth justice strategies rooted in movement building and organizing. The Birth Justice Initiative will build upon our decades of experience supporting grassroots leaders fighting for reproductive justice. The overall goals of our initiative are to:

  • Build power within the birth justice movement
  • Increase connectivity and collaboration between Birth Justice Organizations and movement leaders.
  • Provide philanthropic advocacy, thought partnership, and thought leadership, to influence the movement of more resources to the Birth Justice movement. We are committed to deepening our investment in grassroots Black, Indigenous and WGOC-led organizations working toward achieving birth justice. In our first round of grant making, we invested over $1 million in support of birth justice organizations across the spectrum of movement building and organizing, and supporting our communities to advance more equitable birth outcomes.

This year, we had the honor of announcing our Birth Justice Initiative, which centers the leadership, voices and experiences of women of color in the fight for birth justice.”

Teresa C. Younger, President & CEO
Read more about the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum
Read more about the Center for Embodied Pedagogy & Action

2022 Women of Vision Awards

After two years of virtual gatherings, we were thrilled to come together in-person for the annual Women of Vision Awards at the Ziegfeld Ballroom in New York City. This year’s event celebrated a feminist future and paid tribute to the remarkable achievements of those whose courage and leadership move our society toward a more inclusive world. The room was electric, and it reminded us of the importance of joy and community in the movement. Our honorees were:

  • Grantee partner Ruby Bright, Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of the Women’s Foundation for a Greater Memphis
  • Grantee partner Cassandra Overton Welchlin, Executive Director and Lead Organizer/ Co-Convener of the Mississippi Black Women’s Roundtable
  • Deja Foxx, Founder of GenZ Girl Gang and Activist
  • Pamala Buzick Kim, Executive Director of FREE THE WORK
  • Bozoma Saint John, Hall of Fame Marketing Executive, Author & Entrepreneur
  • Congresswoman Maxine Waters, U.S. Representative for California’s 43rd District

Tired of Dancing to Their Song & the Building the Fire Fund

Last year, we released our groundbreaking report Pocket Change, which revealed that of the total $66.9 billion given by foundations, philanthropic giving to women and girls of color accounts for just 0.5%, with even less specified as benefitting Indigenous women and girls. This finding led to a deeper dive into the needs of Indigenous communities, and a new report, titled Tired of Dancing to Their Song: An Assessment of the Indigenous Women’s Reproductive Justice Funding Landscape. From this report, an Advisory Council of Indigenous Women was convened to create a plan to address a gap within the reproductive justice movement: a national voice for Indigenous women and birthing people.

The Advisory Council created the Building the Fire Fund, which is housed at and staffed by the Ms. Foundation for Women. The hope and vision of this fund is to support organizing and provide ongoing infrastructure in order to build Reproductive Justice in Indian Country. The Collaborative for Gender + Reproductive Equity was the proud funder of the original planning for Building the Fire and is a seed funder for the implementation stage of this work.

Ms. on Martha’s

In August, we hosted our 9th annual Ms. on Martha’s event where we were joined by our friends and supporters. The event included a fireside chat between President and CEO Teresa C. Younger and Chief Advancement Officer Ruth McFarlane, which started with Teresa’s revelations about how the Ms. Foundation has expanded and changed in her years since she joined the team. Their conversation focused on our groundbreaking research report, Pocket Change and how that research is being used by organizations across the country to raise awareness of the chronic underfunding of programs supporting women and girls of color.

Ms. Foundation Website

We relaunched the Ms. Foundation website, at It’s a bolder, cleaner site that better showcases our work and partners, with improved user experience and accessibility. With this new site, we’ve also re-launched the Ms. Foundation Blog! Day in and day out, our grantee partners, our staff, and groups we work with are fighting for gender and racial equity. The blog aims to lift up their leadership and the issues impacting the communities we serve.


Sept. 2021: Teresa C. Younger inducted to Connecticut Women’s Hall of Fame

Oct. 2021: Attended Vermont Women’s Fund Annual Celebration & New Hampshire Women’s Foundation Annual Luncheon

Nov. 2022: Honored at Project Morry Annual Benefit

Jan. 2022: Participated in keynote call with the National Partnership for Women and Families

March 2022: Spoke at the Ketanji Brown Jackson confirmation rally

April 2022: Participated in the Women Moving Millions Annual Summit

Individual Donors


Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Tides Foundation


Aditi Foundation

Ford Foundation


Anonymous (2)

Collaborative for Gender and Reproductive Equity

Quinn Delaney and Wayne Jordan

Groundswell Catalyst Fund

Suzanne L. Lerner

Michelle Mercer & Bruce Golden

New York Life Insurance Company

Stardust Fund, a component fund of the Greater Houston Community Foundation



Abigail E. Disney

Dobkin Family Foundation

Gucci – Chime for Change

Nancy Nordhoff and Lynn Hays

Marcy Syms, Sy Syms Foundation


Anonymous (2)

Susan Dickler and Sig Van Raan

The Eric T. and Elizabeth C. Jacobsen Foundation

Carol Freyn King

Lord Abbett & Co. LLC

Morgan Stanley

Starry Night Fund

Thanksgiving Fund of the American Endowment Foundation

White & Case LLP

Catherine A. Yelverton and Laura T. Traphagen


Anonymous (3)

The Isabel Allende Foundation

Michele Anthony

Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D.

Elizabeth Bremner and Karen Crow

California Wellness Foundation

Gwen Chapman


Ginny Corsi and Mary Backlund

The Nathan Cummings Foundation

Maria and Greg Jobin-Leeds

Seth A. and Beth S. Klarman

Yin Ling Leung and Shaibal Roy

Margaret and William Lynch

Nancy Meyer & Marc Weiss, Summer Fund II

The Namaste Foundation

Margaret H. Newell

Open Impact Real Estate

Catherine Oppenheimer

Catherine Raphael

Betty Regard

The Rothschild Family Charitable Foundation

Catherine Samuels and Jeremy Henderson

Jenna Skinner Scanlan and Wilson S. Scanlan

Patricia J. Simpson

Rachael and Richard Wells

Susan M. Wolford and Delores M. Komar

The Jacquelyn and Gregory Zehner Foundation




AAA Northeast

Don Chen

Jeannie H. Diefenderfer

Robert Friedman

Alicia B. Lara and Anne Owen-Lara

Robin Lewis Luff

Planned Parenthood Federation of America & Action Fund

Brette Popper and Paul Spraos

Brooke Skinner-Ricketts and Laura Ricketts

Steele Family Foundation

Strike a Rock Fund

Christina D. Sulivan

Emmy Wohlgemuth


Anonymous (6)

Susan Adelman and Claudio Llanos

Yetide Badaki

The Anchor Point Gift Fund of Bradley A. Feld and M. Amy Batchelor

Fredrica Rudell Beveridge

Mia Birkhead

Stephanie K. Blackwood

Benedicte Boresta

Graham Bridgeman

Tarana Burke

Jayne L. and Jenna Bussman-Wise

Melanie Campbell

Patricia T. Carbine

Maureen Cavanaugh

Catherine Cerulli and Christopher Thomas

Ellen and Donald Clark

Rebecca Cokley

Jane S. Comer

Eve Ellis and Annette Niemtzow

Kate Ferlic and Chris Stanek

Jean Fletcher

Gabriela Flores

Michelle Fox

Reide L. Garnett

Charline Gipson

Global Fund For Women

Michele Gorcey and Kenneth Biblowitz

Jane Hallworth

Steven Hammell

Cathie B. Hartnett

Benjamin Hartwell

Pierre Hauser

Mary and Dennis Helf

Susan J. Hessel

Cynthia Holland

Betsee Isenberg

Jesse Jacobs

Yolanda F. Johnson

Carolyn Tyirin Kirk

Kate Klein Fund at the Santa Fe Community Foundation

The Louis J. Kuriansky Foundation

Mary Laumer

Shirley and Barbara Leary

Elizabeth Lewis, M.D. and M. David Thier, M.D.

Elsa Limbach

Diane M. Manuel

Catherine Mulligan

Natanja Oquendo

Christine A. Padesky

Carol T. Pencke

Susan Penick

Susan L. Perley

Suzanne Pierce-Moore

Lynn Povich

René Redwood

Alysia Reiner and David Basche

Amy Rugel

Christine L. Rugh

Bozoma Saint John

Mary Beth Salerno and Denise Kleis

Patricia A. Samuel

John Scanlan

Jana Shea and Seaview Productions

Janet Singer

Jordan and David Smith Fund, Santa Fe Community Foundation

Stacey Stevenson

Jeanette Stokes

Charlotte and John Suhler

Lorna Tanner

Nadia Telsey

Melanie Stander Tomanov

Mary Turney

Sonali Virendra

K. Shakira Washington

James White

Suzann Willhite and Kristin Siegesmund

Verna L. Williams and David Singleton

Cora R. Wortman

Teresa C. Younger


Asian Women Giving Circle $1,000+


Rini Banerjee

Hyatt Bass

Leslie Chang

Lily Chang and Paul Hyun

Lisa C. Chen

Clara Chow

Aditi Davray

Steven and Frazer Goldberg

Shinhee Han and Scott Cushman

Elizabeth and Olympia Ingriselli-Moy

Patricia J. Kozu

Dana Lee

Hali Lee and Peter Von Ziegesar

Ellen Liu

BJ and Suok Noh

Eva and Jerry Posman

Melinda D. Sarafa, Esq.

Raquel Sumulong

Andine Sutarjadi

Unbound Philanthropy

Elizabeth von Ziegesar-Whip

Mannar Wong

Melissa Wansin Wong

Pamela Wu-Kochiyama

Xin Xin

Joyce Lin-Yueh Yu and Edward Lai

Gloria’s Legacy Circle

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Cammi Abston-Bibbs

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Deborah Campbell

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Edith VanHo

Since 2016 we have strived to maximize the impact of our endowment by aligning 100% of its assets in support of our mission to build women’s collective power in the U.S. to advance equity and justice for all.

At the end of FY22, the endowment was valued at $54.8M. Our endowment provides long-term sustainability, but also the use of investment returns to provide funding for current operating expenses.

Board Officers

Alicia Lara

Yin Ling Leung

Danielle Moodie

Jenna Skinner Scanlan
Vice Chair

Board Members

Alex Busansky

Gwen Chapman

Wade Davis

Lauren Embrey

Charline Gipson

Cathie Hartnett

Suzanne Lerner

Diane Manuel

René Redwood

Rinku Sen

Pamela Shifman

Candi Castleberry Singleton

Catherine Yelverton

Founding Mothers

Patricia Carbine

Letty Cottin Pogrebin

Gloria Steinem

Marlo Thomas

Marie C. Wilson
Honorary Founding Mother

Our Team

Mara Ayora
Finance Associate

Rosina Barba
Special Advisor, Office of the President

Bri Barnett
Director of Institutional Partnerships

Stephanie K. Blackwood
Senior Director, Engagement & Major Gifts

Shawnda Chapman
Director of Innovative Grantmaking & Research

Taliah Duncan
Operations Assistant

Samantha Franklin
Program Officer

Alaya Gaddy
Grants Administrator

Elisabeth Gaikema Platt
Senior Manager of Development Operations & Direct Marketing

Anjelica Garcia
Director of Major Gifts

Elaine Hunt
Communications Coordinator

Sandra Isiofiah
Human Resources Manager

Camille Kennedy
Senior Director, Advancement Strategy

Ellen Liu
VP, Grantmaking & Capacity Building

Marlene Martinez
Director of Finance & Operations

Calondra McArthur
Director of Communications

Ruth McFarlane
Chief Advancement Officer

Maureen McNamara
Development Coordinator

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Executive Assistant & Board Coordinator

Aime Patrick
Donor Relations Assistant

Wanda Miroslava Peguero
Grants Manager

Arelis Perallon
Finance Manager

Stephanie Rameau
Program Officer, Office of the President

Sydney Schwartz
Program Associate

Sona Smith
Program Officer, Birth Justice

Coya White Hat-Artichoker
Program Officer

Julia White
Major Gifts Officer

Teresa C. Younger
President & CEO


The mission of the Ms. Foundation for Women is to build women’s collective power in the U.S. to advance equity and justice for all.

We achieve our mission by investing in, and strengthening, the capacity of women-led movements to advance meaningful social, cultural and economic change in the lives of women.


We believe in a just and safe world where power and possibility are not limited by gender, race, class, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or age.

We believe that equity and inclusion are the cornerstones of a true democracy in which the worth and dignity of every person are valued.


Integrity: We also believe in holding ourselves responsible and accountable for all that we say in order to build an aligned, principled and powerful movement for gender equity.

Trust and Respect: We believe in the truth that comes from those we work with and those most impacted by the issues affecting their communities. We believe in honoring their voices and supporting their leadership.

Interconnectedness: We believe that by achieving equity for women of color, we achieve equity for all. Given the complexity of the issues we face, we are committed to addressing issues holistically, understanding that we need to build power and alignment across multiple movements and sectors to win the battles we are facing.

Social Justice: We believe that structural changes are needed in order to increase opportunities for those who are least well off politically, socially and economically.