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October 29, 2020

Ms. Foundation for Women on Latina Equal Pay Day 2020

Ms. Foundation for Women on Latina Equal Pay Day

NEW YORK (October 29, 2020) – Ms. Foundation for Women President and CEO Teresa C. Younger released the following statement on Latina Equal Pay Day:

“A full 303 days into the year, we recognize Latina Equal Pay Day. Latina women have had to work for nearly an entire extra year in order to earn as much as their white, non-Hispanic male counterparts did in 2019. In an uncertain year amidst the global pandemic, this wage gap has widened and its effects have reverberated throughout the entire Latinx community. 

“Though they are valued less, Latinas are among the pandemic’s most essential workers. When most were ordered to stay home because of the dangers of COVID-19, many Latinas were called to the frontlines. With often unsteady and unprotected financial situations, Latinas worked in risky professions like healthcare, agriculture, and domestic work at a fraction of the pay they deserved, ultimately keeping the U.S. from slipping into any even more devastating economic crisis.

“Latinas are among the fastest-growing demographic in the United States and provide countless contributions to our economy and communities each day. They are the breadwinners and decision-makers in their households, but are not compensated with this in mind. The continued devaluing of Latinas in this society by racist and sexist systems is shameful, and must end.

“The Ms. Foundation is committed to achieving economic justice, and will continue to fight until Latinas and all women receive the pay that they’ve earned and the dignity they deserve.”

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