Ellen Liu Sr. Director, Grantmaking and Capacity Building

Ellen Liu

Ellen Liu is a second generation Taiwanese immigrant born in New York City who is passionate about building power to create a safer, more just world.  Ellen brings over 15 years of experience in grantmaking, capacity building, policy advocacy, and organizational development in support of social justice organizations both in the US and internationally.  As Director of Capacity Building and Learning, Ellen leads Ms. Foundation’s capacity building program to strengthen women and girls of color-led and serving organizations and leaders.  Ellen also oversees the Ms. program strategy’s learning, assessment, and knowledge building agenda. Prior to joining Ms., Ellen was Program Officer at the Open Society Foundations’ Public Health Program where she worked with health and human rights organizations in Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and East and Southern Africa to strengthen protections for people living with HIV and AIDS and TB, people with mental disabilities, ethnic minorities, and people in need of palliative care. She currently serves on the Women of Color Working Group of Funders for Reproductive Equity, the board of The Brush Foundation, and the steering committee member of the Asian Women Giving Circle.  She is the proud mom of an 8 year old bi-racial son.