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September 11, 2023

Ms. Welcomes Alanis Alvarez

by Ms. Foundation

Alanis Alvarez (she/her) joins the Ms. Foundation as the Designer and Brand Coordinator.

What brought you to the Ms. Foundation?

I grew up idolizing the work that had been done years before me at Ms. Magazine. As I got older, I began to formalize my relationship with feminism and eventually came back to the history of Ms. Magazine, and the Ms. Foundation for Women, which both have the same founding mothers. I realized I wanted to be part of a legacy that felt connected to the struggles and progress that happened before me and that will continue to happen after me. Providing a movement so close to my heart with another avenue of visual expression is a great privilege. It was also refreshing and motivating to see an organization interrogate themselves and their definition of feminism prior to the pandemic and the protests against police brutality of early 2020.

What gets you out of bed every morning?

My cats do not let me sleep past noon – they know I have work to do and they have breakfast to eat.

What is your biggest achievement to date – personal or professional?

When I was 12, I pictured my dream life. I defined this “dream” very clearly and it meant: 1) a home in New York, 2) feeling loved/being loving, and 3) making art. Luckily I now live in Brooklyn with my wonderful partner who encourages me to paint and make films in between seeing my friends and family. My current joy is my greatest achievement to date!

What badass feminist/woman inspires you?

On a daily basis, I tu\r\n \to my friends, family, and loved ones for inspiration, whether it be encouraging words from my mom, my grandma’s life story, or remembering my friends’ successes. I find my best motivation comes from acknowledging I am surrounded by women who wake up every day and do the best they can for themselves and their circles despite what the world looks like. They laugh off the little things, find joy in small moments, and keep on keeping on. I have witnessed my loved ones have good days and bad days, but I always picture them in their best light. They inspire me.  

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Be even more adventurous! Especially when I was younger, I was always pulled in multiple directions by interests or aspirations. My advice to my younger self wouldn’t be to get serious, but to try even more and to have fun! Figure out what you love, test out the waters, and then dive in deep when your gut tells you it’s right. The world expands when you break the rules.