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November 22, 2023

8 Things We’re Grateful For This Year

by Ms. Foundation

As we head into a season of gratitude and look back on our year, we’re taking a chance to reflect on what we’re grateful for. 2023 brought both triumphs and challenges in the fights for gender and racial justice, and we at the Ms. Foundation found joy and power in community, in laughter, in rest, and in struggle.

We asked staff from across the Foundation to share what they’re grateful for – here’s what they said:

I am grateful when the news is good…for example, Ohio adding the right to access abortion to their constitution in the 2023 election! And when the news is bad, I am grateful I work at the Ms. Foundation where I can affect positive change.

Maureen McNamara, Development Coordinator

Even with all the chaos and uncertainty in the world, I’m grateful to be bringing new life – and hope for a brighter future – into it.

Keyanna D.M. Vann, Program Associate, Grantmaking and Capacity Building

This year was very full, so I have been grateful for those moments of quiet when I remembered to notice the pause between breathing in and breathing out. I am deeply grateful that nature moves at her own pace, no matter what I am doing. This is a good reminder.

Ruth McFarlane, Chief Advancement Officer

I’m grateful for all of the quality time I’ve been able to spend with my loved ones this year.

Aime Patrick, Donor Relations Assistant

I’m very grateful for our amazing partners and all activists who are fighting for our rights and creating a better world no matter the challenges.

Calondra McArthur, Director of Communications

I am so grateful for the time that my family and I are able to spend volunteering at a neighborhood food kitchen. Seeing how food insecurity can strike any of us makes me grateful for all that I have and that I don’t have to make tough choices between medication, heat, quality housing, and food. I’m grateful to have the time and ability to give back.

Russatta Buford, Chief Operating Officer

I’m thankful for life’s many lessons and the growth that comes with each one.

Alaya Gaddy, Grants Administrator

I’m grateful for the incredible people I have in my life. From my family in Massachusetts and Michigan to my chosen family in New York and beyond, I am surrounded by so much love. I’m also grateful for the huge abortion wins we’ve seen across the country this year, and for the people working tirelessly behind the scenes to keep abortion safe and accessible for everyone.

Elaine Hunt, Communications Manager