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Redefining Feminism

Launched national #MyFeminismIs campaign to paint a broad, inclusive and intersectional picture of what feminism is – which is, “the social, economic and political equality of ALL genders.”



Stemming from the Pocket Change study, the Ms. Foundation convened a Women’s Council of Indigenous leadership to understand how such funding discrepancies are a direct byproduct of colonization and institutional systems, identify vital funding needs for Native women, and how to shift the philanthropic paradigm to one that prioritizes Native communities.



The Ms. Foundation released our landmark Pocket Change report which revealed that the total philanthropic giving to women and girls of color is just $5.48 per year for each woman or girl of color in the U.S., accounting for just 0.5% of the total $66.9 billion given by foundations.



We released a new strategic plan which centered our grantmaking and advocacy structure to invest — inclusively, and intentionally — in women and girls of color as a means to create social, cultural, and economic equity for all genders.

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