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Join Gloria’s Legacy Circle for Gender and Racial Equity

Planned giving is one of the few ways we can support the people and values we love, no matter what happens to us. It carries what we care about into the future.

Gloria Steinem

Gloria’s Legacy Circle for Gender and Racial Equity, named in honor of Ms. Foundation for Women Co-Founding Mother Gloria Steinem, is an honor club for those who have made gifts to Ms. Foundation for Women through their will or revocable living trust, or by naming the Foundation as a beneficiary of their IRA, qualified pension plan, Donor Advised Fund, life insurance, brokerage, or savings account.

When you make a gift to Ms. Foundation through your estate or financial plans you become part of a movement of feminist philanthropists who, just like Gloria, are committed to securing and protecting rights for women across the United States.

Membership in Gloria’s Legacy Circle is one way that Ms. Foundation for Women expresses its appreciation to these important supporters.

Becoming a Gloria’s Legacy Circle Member: Gift Options

There are a variety of options to achieve your long-term financial and charitable estate planning goals with a legacy gift to Ms. Foundation.
  • Bequests: A gift to Ms. Foundation in your will or revocable living trust is easy to arrange and will not reduce your assets or cash flow during life.
  • Publicly Traded Securities: A gift of publicly traded securities to Ms. Foundation can provide you with significant tax benefits.
  • Retirement Plan Assets: You can name Ms. Foundation as a beneficiary of your IRA or pension plan and reduce income taxes for your beneficiaries.
  • Donor Advised Fund: You can make a planned gift using your DAF by naming Ms. Foundation as a beneficiary of your account.
  • Charitable Gift Annuity: In exchange for your gift, a charitable gift annuity provides you with fixed payments for your lifetime and a tax deduction.
  • Charitable Remainder Trust: Funded with cash, securities or real estate, a CRT can provide you with lifetime income and significant tax benefits.
  • Real Estate: Gifts of real estate, whether outright or deferred, can provide you with significant tax benefits while advancing the mission of Ms. Foundation.

If you are ready to make a permanent commitment to build women’s collective power for generations to come, we can assist with a resource. Our partner Free Will offers all the resources you need to create your will and your legacy. And there’s no cost!

Create your will or trust at no cost now, and protect your loved ones as you take a stand to secure and protect rights for women — forever. Start your feminist legacy today.

Changes in the tax laws often create new planning opportunities. We can work with you and your professional advisors to create a legacy that will meet your charitable and financial goals

Membership Benefits

The greatest benefit of belonging to Gloria’s Legacy Circle is the satisfaction of knowing that your long-range plans will help ensure Ms. Foundation for Women remains a national institution that will continue to support and protect women’s rights. As a member, you will also receive these special benefits:

  • Recognition in the GLC’s membership roster (only with your permission)
  • Recognition in the Ms. Foundation’s annual report
  • Invitations to the GLC’s events
  • Invitations to all Ms. Foundation events
  • Receipt of all Ms. Foundation news and information emails and publication

For more information, please email us at [email protected] or call 212.709.4429.