Ms. Foundation focus issuesFrom women’s health to economic security to safety from violence, what matters most to women and girls, families and communities, matters most to the Ms. Foundation.

Whether it’s about ensuring equal pay for equal work, access to affordable, high-quality reproductive health care, addressing child care costs and parental leave, or ending gender-based violence, we focus on making positive change.

We are committed to creating a world in which all women, regardless of class, race, sexual identity or any other factor, have an equal share of power and possibility.

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  • Reproductive Justice: With women’s basic reproductive rights under attack, it is imperative for us to fund organizations that are working to ensure women’s access to the full range of women’s reproductive health services – including birth control and abortion. It’s also just as fundamental for us to support organizations working to protect the right for women of all ages and backgrounds to bear children if they so choose, and support policies that allow them to parent with dignity, respect and support. This is critical to continually build expand an inclusive reproductive justice movement that will address all women’s needs and secure greater wins for generations to come.

See Safety

  • In the past year we have witnessed and heard events highlighting threats to women’s safety throughout the United States. The Ms. Foundation for Women is changing the focus of our Safety program. Through events and activities hosted nationwide, we are committed to hearing from and listening to women across the country about the issues that affect them and their concerns.

See Economic Justice

  • Affordable Child Care and Quality Jobs: Child care costs are skyrocketing beyond the means of most working families. Children are being left behind and the very people we entrust without children every day (the overwhelming majority of whom are women) are struggling to survive themselves. With much at stake, the Ms. Foundation supports a recipe for a successful and thriving economy. We fund organizations working with child care workers and parents toward affordable, quality childcare and help move policy to ensure economic security for women, workers and families.