The Ms. Foundation is launching the Activist Collaboration Fund to strengthen collaboration in and across social justice movements for women and girls of color, trans women and girls of color, and indigenous women and girls. 

Its creation comes at a time when movements for justice and equality face increased political challenges. As multi-pronged attacks on women and girls of color, immigrants, LGBTQ, indigenous, and low-income communities continue, social justice activists and organizations across diverse movements are organically coming together to build stronger relationships and collaborations to defend against threats and proactively strategize toward a future of justice and shared liberation. Collectively, they are asking for greater funding and resources to support collaboration in meaningful and non-prescriptive ways. 

The Activist Collaboration Fund seeks to deepen collaboration across movement building organizations, learn with movement leaders, and increase investment in social justice movements across the country. It will primarily invest in women and girls of color led groups focused on one or more of the following areas:

  1. Relationship Building: Deepening relationships and building trust across organizations, including proactively preventing conflicts by building shared understanding, repairing relationships, and working through challenges that can stall cross-movement collaboration 
  2. Shared Analysis: Increasing shared analysis, messaging, and mobilization of constituencies across intersecting social justice movements
  3. Strategy and Planning: Co-creating strategy, plans, and managing the logistics of projects, campaigns, and initiatives across multiple organizations
  4. Healing Justice Support: Creating policies; providing support, training, or spaces for healing, resiliency, wellness, and restoration for staff working on collaboration and organizations’ sustainability

For a full description of the Activist Collaboration Fund and FAQs: 
ACF Request for Nominations and FAQ


Ms. Foundation Activist Collaboration Fund – Interview and Research Insights

The strategy and operational decisions for the Activist Collaboration Fund were heavily informed by insights that activists and movement leaders shared with Ms. staff and its consulting partner, Groundwork Partners, during a four-month literature review and stakeholder engagement process in the Fall of 2019. During this time, Ms. interviewed 22 activists and movement leaders and 9 funder partners, and reviewed several published reports relevant to this fund. The high-level findings from this effort are outlined in this document.

Full Interview and Research Insights Information:
ACF Interview and Research Insights