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The Ms. Foundation is the nation's leading organization for women. We take on a broad spectrum of issues affecting the health, safety and rights of women. We welcome media inquiries related to our work, mission and core issues. Our recent press releases, statements, and commentaries are available below for your use.

Press Releases and Statements

Members of the media are invited to review and cite our recent press releases and statements.

9/15/2014: Ms. Foundation for Women Responds to Goodell Memo
9/9/2014: Ms. Foundation for Women Calls Foul on NFL
6/30/2014: Ms. Foundation for Women Condemns High Court Attack on Women's Health and Rights
6/23/2014: Ms. Foundation for Women Talks Child Care Crisis at the White House Summit on Working Families
5/12/2014: Ms. Foundation for Women launches campaign for universal child care
5/3/2014: New CEO Announced, Gloria Steinem's 80th Birthday Celebrated
2/13/2014: Fire James Taranto
1/29/2014: Raise the minimum wage for all workers
11/15/2013: Ms. Foundation Invites Applications for Year-Long Fellowship
11/15/2013: Ms. Foundation for Women Launches Campaign Congratulating Co-Founder Gloria Steinem on Receiving Presidential Medal of Freedom
10/24/2013: Ms. Foundation for Women Counters Accusation That Feminism Has ‘Made Women Less Happy’
10/17/2013: Ms. Foundation for Women Demands Justice for Rape Victims in Missouri
10/7/2013: Ms. Foundation for Women Advocates ‘Women’s Takeover’ of Congress
09/19/2013: Ms. Foundation for Women condemns latest right-wing attack on women's health
09/18/2013: Ms. Foundation for Women supports Arizona immigrants
08/27/2013: Ms. Foundation for Women Leading Child Sexual Abuse Mini-Track at National Sexual Assault Conference
08/23/2013: Women Deserve Health Care That Meets Their Individual Needs
08/23/2013: Gender Discrimination in the Workplace is Real, Not an “Urban Legend”
08/14/2013: Even at Highest Levels, Women Lag Behind in Pay
08/9/2013: Ms. Foundation for Women Congratulates Co-Founder Gloria Steinem For Being Named Recipient of Presidential Medal of Freedom
08/5/2013: Ms. Foundation for Women Establishes New Funds to Increase Economic Security, Prevent Child Sexual Abuse
08/1/2013: Dorothy Q. Thomas Named Interim CEO of the Ms. Foundation for Women
07/11/2013: Statement by Ms. Foundation President and CEO Anika Rahman on Greater Emphasis on Women’s Enrollment Necessary in Affordable Care Act Public Education Efforts
07/10/2013: Statement by Ms. Foundation President and CEO Anika Rahman on Texas Attacks on Women’s Rights Obscure Outrageous Restrictions Sweeping States
07/08/2013: Report: Economic Insecurity Among Restaurant Industry Workers Creates Severe Hardship for Mothers Requiring Child Care Services: Study Results Representative of Challenges That Low-Income, Working Women Face in Obtaining High-Quality, Flexible, Affordable Child Care
06/26/2013: Highest Court Affirms Right to Marry, but Tramples Voting Rights, Workers' Rights Statement of Ms. Foundation President and CEO Anika Rahman
06/03/2013: Ms. Foundation for Women Selects 2013-2014 Fellow: Lindsay Rosenthal to Support Advocacy Efforts to Increase Access to Health Care
05/31/2013: Statement by Ms. Foundation for Women President and CEO Anika Rahman on All-Male Fox Business Network Panel Denigrating Working Women
05/22/2013: Ms. Foundation for Women Makes Largest Investment in Child Sexual Abuse in Organization's History, Advocating a Preventative Approach
05/09/2013: Ms. Foundation for Women Honors 'Women of Vision' at 40th Anniversary Gala
04/12/2013: Ms. Foundation for Women Receives Record Gift: Longtime Supporter Margaret "Meg" Jacobs Leaves Largest Bequest in Organization's History
03/29/2013: Statement by Ms. Foundation for Women President and CEO Anika Rahman on Paid Sick Leave Deal in New York City
03/26/2013: Statement by Ms. Foundation President and CEO Anika Rahman on: North Dakota's passage of harshest abortion law in the country
03/08/2013: Ms. Foundation for Women Releases Report on Status of U.S. Women on International Women's Day
01/27/2013: Ms. Foundation for Women Releases Video Parody Calling Out 22 Senators Who Voted Against Violence Against Women Act
01/22/2013: Forty Years After Roe v. Wade, Birth of Ms. Foundation for Women, Access to Abortion Severely Deteriorating
01/08/2013: Ms. Foundation Invites Applications for Year-Long Fellowship
01/03/2013: Statement by Ms. Foundation President and CEO Anika Rahman on Congress' Failure to Reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act
12/19/2012: Servicewomen to Receive Equal Health Care Access Under Defense Bill
11/20/2012: Ms. Foundation Program Officer Selected for Prestigious NoVo Foundation Program Building Movement to End Violence Against Girls, Women
10/05/2012: Statement by Ms. Foundation President and CEO Anika Rahman On Study Finding Free Birth Control Cuts Abortion Rate
08/07/2012: Ms. Foundation for Women Grants More Than $1 Million to Improve Women's Health In Marginalized Communities
08/07/2012: Ms. Foundation for Women Invests $565,000 in Transformation of Child Care Sector
07/31/2012: Statement by Ms. Foundation President and CEO Anika Rahman About Affordable Care Act Preventive Health Services Provisions Taking Effect Aug. 1
07/23/2012: Statement by Ms. Foundation for Women President and CEO Anika Rahman on NCAA Sanctions Against Penn State
07/12/2012: Statement by Ms. Foundation for Women President and CEO Anika Rahman on Penn State Report
06/28/2012: Statement by Ms. Foundation President and CEO Anika Rahman on the Supreme Court Decision Upholding the Affordable Care Act
06/20/2012: Ms. Foundation for Women Selects Inaugural Fellow
06/08/2012: Top 5 Tips for Media Covering Sandusky Trial


Commentaries & News

We are the nation's leading voice on women's issues, and our voice is loud. We regularly contribute to, and are cited in, prominent media outlets.

07/11/2013: Sentenced to Forfeit Human Rights [Op-ed in the Huffington Post]
06/05/2013: Anika Rahman - Working Women are Good for America [Good Morning America]
03/18/2013: Anika Rahman - Women in the Workplace and Child Care [For Your Ears Only]
03/01/2013: Affordable Child Care Necessary to Reviving Gender Equality [The Huffington Post]
02/22/2013: Julie F. Kay | Ky. needs to allow wider DNA testing in sex crimes [Kentucky Courier-Journal]
02/19/2013: Cuomo seeks change to state abortion laws [Metro NY]
02/05/2013: Reproductive Justice Confers Degrees of Privilege [Women's eNews]
01/30/2013: Anika Rahman: The Trailblazer [The Columbia Law School Magazine]
12/31/2012: Garden State Topic: Child Sexual Abuse Must Step Out of the Shadows, Into the Light[New Jersey Spotlight]
12/22/2012: Young women are fighting back against media portrayals of beauty []
12/10/2012 The Ms Foundation: Focus on Chicago – Celebrating 40 years [L Stop Magazine]
10/28/2012: Penn State's obligation to lead during child sexual abuse conference [Centre Daily Times]
10/22/2012: Barriers to Women's Equality Obscured by Binder Jokes [The Huffington Post]
10/15/2012: Why the abortion and faith question is relevant []
10/11/2012: What About Women? [Huffington Post]
07/27/2012: Anika Rahman - My Muslim Identity [The Huffington Post]
06/28/2012: True Justice For Child Sexual Abuse Survivors is Prevention [MomsRising]
06/07/2012: Protecting Children Requires More Than Just Car Seats: Shifting Cultural Norms to End Child Sexual Abuse [Huffington Post]
04/26/2012: Mommy Wars: An Attempt to Disenfranchise Women [Huffington Post]
04/02/2012: Facing Tough Financial Choices, Health Insurance Is Often Sacrificed [Huffington Post]

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