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February 18, 2016

An ABC Handbook For Native Girls

Created by The Native American Women’s Health Education Resource Center (NAWHERC) and designed by Lucy Bonner, “What To Do When You’re Raped” is an illustrated guide created to answer the questions women face following a sexual assault, from thinking through buying emergency contraception, to getting tested for STDS, to who to tu\r\n \to for support.

The ABC handbook was created as a response to the systematic sexual assault Native Women experience. Native Americans are raped at a rate nearly double that any other race annually – 34.1 percent. More than 1 in 3 Native American women will be raped in their lifetime, and three-fourths having experienced some type of sexual assault in their lives.


The Native American Women’s Health Education Resource Center (NAWHERC) is a project of The Native American Community Board (NACB), a (501)(c)(3) organization incorporated in 1985 by a concerned and well-informed group of Native Americans living on or near the Yankton Sioux Indian Reservation in South Dakota.

In addition to advocating for sexual assault standards and emergency contraception, NAWHERC also focuses on community engagement and education, cultural programming, food assistance as well running both a local women’s shelter and coordinating transitional housing for survivors. All of the NAWHERC health reports are available for free download and distribution at