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November 23, 2022

7 Things We’re Grateful For This Year

by Ms. Foundation

As we head into a season of gratitude and look back on the year, we’re taking a chance to reflect on what we’re grateful for. In a year that brought both triumphs and challenges for the larger feminism movement, we found joy and power in community, in laughter, in rest and in struggle. 

We asked staff from across the Ms. Foundation for Women to share what they’re grateful for – here’s what they said: 

I am grateful that even under the harshest repression criminalizing reproductive and trans health care, leaders and everyday people are building power. It reminds me that no matter what the law says, people will resist and find ways to care for each other.

Bri Barnett, Director of Institutional Partnerships 

I am grateful to be in a space where I am able to show up as myself and to be around others who are able to do the same. Where we are also reminded that our voices matter.

Ebun Olaloko, Executive Assistant and Board Coordinator

I am grateful for the example of elders who have been ‘fighting the same fights’ all their lives and still show up to teach the next generations hard-won skills and tactics. I am grateful for long-time donors who continue to show up in abundance for the evolving work of the foundation and our grantee partners. I am grateful for new voices, new vision, and new energy from young leaders. My persistence, my resistance, depends on ours.

Ruth McFarlane, Chief Advancement Officer 

I’m grateful for all the girls of color whose leadership inspires me every day.

Shawnda Chapman, Director of Innovative Grantmaking and Research

I am grateful to have a community that gave me the space to heal and I am grateful that I missed them.

Maureen McNamara, Development Coordinator

This year, I am grateful to work with such a multi-faceted, talented group of women!

Stephanie Rameau, Program Officer, Office of the President

I’m grateful for losing then finding my voice again. I appreciate it more this time around and will never let it go. I’m grateful that my biggest dream came true on April 16, 2014 when my son was born.

Alaya Gaddy, Grants Administrator