Statement of Ms. Foundation for Women President and CEO Teresa C. Younger on sexism and the NFL


NEW YORK, NY — On Sunday, the NFL will air a public service announcement (PSA) on domestic violence for the first time ever during a Super Bowl game. Ms. Foundation President and CEO Teresa C. Younger issued the following statement about the PSA and the NFL’s actions on domestic violence:

“Airing PSAs addressing domestic violence while ignoring the larger problem of institutional sexism doesn’t cut it. Yes, we need to raise awareness about domestic violence. But we also need to do much more.

“The public service announcement that will air during the big game on Sunday is a good step toward addressing violence against women. But we hope Roger Goodell understands that one PSA doesn’t begin to address the sexism running rampant throughout the NFL.

“When we watch the big game, we’ll be looking at all of the ads to see what they say about women. Having previewed the Carl’s Jr. ad that objectifies women to sell burgers, we know that the NFL is still fumbling when it comes to addressing sexism within the League.

“We will be looking at more than just ads. We’ll be counting the number of women working on the field, and asking why there aren’t more. We’ll be demanding that the cheerleaders are paid fair wages and treated like athletes – not eye candy. We will look at all aspects of the NFL’s operations to expose barriers to women’s equal participation within the League.

“The entire NFL – including its 32 franchises – needs systemic change to fix a deeply engrained, system-wide culture of sexism. We’ll be watching on Sunday – and every day – to ensure that they do.”


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