Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Feminist Celebrity Nominee

Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States and stanch feminist, Ruth Bader Ginsburg was appointed by President Bill Clinton and took the oath of office on August 10, 1993.
Since then she has served a strong voice for equal rights, civil right and parity on the country’s highest country. Whether it’s her take on the Passover narrative or discussing her supportive husband, the Notorious RBG has constantly changed the narrative and worked to apply a gender and race lens throughout our legal career and career as a Supreme Court Justice.
During her legal career and in her decisions on the Court, she has taken an intersectional approach to solving complex issues and consistently fought for the social, political and economic equality of all genders. In addition, her strong reputation for fighting for gender equality and civil rights has brought her back to the forefront as a millennial favorite this year with the release of the book, Notorious RBG.

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