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September 14, 2016

Raising Our Nation: Forging a More Robust and Equitable Childcare System in America

Raising Our Nation: Forging a More Robust and Equitable Childcare System in America provides a comprehensive look at our country’s childcare landscape, including its underlying gender- and-race-based inequities.

This new report includes:

  • an overview of the history behind our country’s approach to care, which has created fractures and disparate levels of access;
  • a breakdown of the challenges faced by both parents and childcare providers – who are predominantly women – in securing affordable childcare as well as livable wages and job advancement;
  • original analysis of the opportunities for public and private sector engagement to improve workplace policies;
  • profiles of key stakeholders, including Ms. Foundation for Women grantees who are championing the cause of universal childcare access and the childcare workforce.

View the executive summary here.