#MyFeminism Is … About Equality

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President and CEO Teresa C. Younger

Last month, the Ms. Foundation for Women launched a campaign that invites anyone who believes in the definition of Feminism as “the social, economic and political equality of ALL genders,” to “tell us what your Feminism Is…” The campaign — which includes Ms. Foundation founding mother Gloria Steinem, MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry, GLAAD President Sarah Kate Ellis, and former Essence and Ms. Magazine Editor-in-Chief Marcia Gillespie, among others — has sparked a national conversation about Feminism and inclusion.

People often have an impression of Feminism based upon how it is represented in the media and history books. But, too often, those representations are incomplete pictures of Feminism, leaving so many of us wondering where we fit in. Right now we are witnessing attacks on women’s health and rights. Every day, we see attempts to silence women.

This multi-media campaign, which includes a series of videos, is an invitation to build a more inclusive movement that includes all genders, races, ethnicities, cultures and ages. And that’s exactly what is happening.

The Ms. Foundation’s Facebook and Twitter pages reached nearly seven million users in the first week of the campaign’s launch. That is thanks in part to support from allies, including progressive and feminist organization. Planned Parenthood Federation of America cohosted a TweetChat, which discussed why intersectional and inclusive feminism is important. We also saw substantial online media coverage of the campaign, including articles and TweetChats by Feministing, RH Reality Check and Women You Should Know.

The response to the campaign is a testament to the fact that not only is Feminism is not “dead,” Feminism is alive, thriving and evolving with the times. The #MyFeminismIs campaign challenges us to be more inclusive and thoughtful about how we create a world that is a more equal and just place for ALL genders — while continuing to fight for women’s empowerment. I hope all of you will join us by sharing what your Feminism is and spreading the word about this campaign.

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