Ms. Foundation tells TIME to get with the times: It’s cool to be a feminist

NEW YORK — Ms. Foundation for Women President and CEO Teresa C. Younger issued the following statement on TIME Magazine’s inclusion of the word “feminist” in its annual survey to determine which words should be banned in 2015:

“I hate to take the time to tell TIME how lame it is to consider banning the word ‘feminist,’ especially when women’s rights are under constant attack. But to include ‘feminist’ on the same list as ‘obvi,’ ‘turnt’ and ‘yaaassss’ disregards the importance of our movement and the reality of women’s lives.

“The guys at TIME need to get with the times. It’s cool to be a feminist, which is someone who believes that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. And feminism is essential to improving the lives of women and men.

“Today, feminists everywhere are literally scratching our heads as we wonder how TIME could make such a basic mistake. If you want your magazine to be an influencer, you shouldn’t alienate feminists. Besides, isn’t it bossy to ban words?”


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