June 25: The Ms. Foundation Listening Tour unofficially began barely two weeks after the arrival of the new President and CEO, Teresa C. Younger. She attends the White House Summit on Working Families in Washington DC, where she meets with Ms. Foundation grantees, as well as other organizations and individuals.

August 5 and 6: The Listening Tour officially launched in August with Ms. Foundation board chair Heather Arnet and Vice-Chair Susan Dickler hosting Younger at an event on Martha’s Vineyard. Guests at the welcome reception include past, present, and prospective supporters, including former Ms. Foundation president Sara Gould.

August 15-16: Visiting Minnesota, Ms. Foundation President and CEO Younger meets with Lee Roper-Bakter, head of the Minnesota Women’s Foundation, then speaks before a national meeting of AFL-CIO organizers. Younger also visits with grantees Pro-Choice Resources and Coalition Against Sexual Assault and Rape in Minnesota (MNCASA).

August 17-18: The Listening Tour goes to Lake Andes in South Dakota, where Younger meets with longtime grantee Native American Community Board, headed by Charon Asetoyer. The NACB is battling to get emergency contraceptives and improved reproductive health resources for women living on Native American reservations.

August 25-28: The three-day visit to New Mexico gives Ms. Foundation president Younger time to meet grantees Olé New Mexico and Young Women United (Albuquerque), who work to address the child care needs of young families and the needs of child care workers. Younger also meets with board member Liz Bremner, who hosts a special luncheon to introduce the new president to supporters in the southwest.

September 16-18: The Listening Tour stops in California, where Younger visits Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Palo Alto to meet supporters and grantee organizations. In Los Angeles, actress and Ms. Foundation supporter Angela Robinson-Witherspoon hosts an evening party while longtime supporters Maggie and Bill Lynch host a cocktail party where Younger can meet new faces and old friends of the organization. Board member Alicia Lara hosts a breakfast meeting with her organization, United Way, to introduce Younger and talk about the Ms. Foundation. Younger also meets with grantee California Latinas for Reproductive Justice in Los Angeles.

Hi Teresa, It was lovely to meet you last evening at the event at the Lynch’s home. Thanks so much for sharing your time with us. I walked away with a bit of renewed hope for what we can accomplish together.

In San Francisco and Palo Alto, Younger attends a breakfast with Bay Area supporters, and also meets with the dynamic staff of grantees ROC United and Parents Voices, as well as the National Council on Crime and Delinquency (NCCD).

September 24: The Listening Tour goes back to the East Coast, where the Black Congressional Congress in Washington, DC hosts Younger as she delivers a speech to corporate leaders.

September 30-October 1: President Younger visits Philadelphia to meet grantees attending the Ms. Foundation’s Economic Justice convening. After welcoming attendees, Younger heads back to New York City to join other women’s organizations in meeting with NFL representatives to discuss domestic violence among football players in the league.

October 2-3: The Listening Tour is in Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania where President Younger meets with Board Chair Heather Arnet and Arnet’s organization, Women and Girls Foundation of Southwest Pennsylvania. Younger is also interviewed on WQED.

I was fortunate to attend the Women and Girls Foundation luncheon where you spoke yesterday. I am so inspired by your work and your words and wanted to say thank you for all that you are doing. I no longer live in Pittsburgh; I live in a small town northwest of Pittsburgh where I often feel alone and singular in my feminist views. Yesterday reminded me that I am not alone, and that with leaders like you we can continue to find ways to support and celebrate women and girls throughout the country, and together we can work toward progressive ideals that make the world a better place for our daughters and future generations. 

October 13-15: President Younger is in Seattle to meet members of the Seattle Advisory Committee, a group of strong Ms. Foundation supporters helping to raise awareness of the organization in the Northwest, as well as more new faces and grantee organizations such as the Northwest Health Law Advocates.

October 22-24: Heading East again, the Listening Tour stops in Cincinnati, where President Younger visit Board Secretary Verna Williams, as well as students and faculty from the University of Cincinnati’s College of Law, and longtime advocates for women’s rights.

October 26-27: President Younger arrives in Denver to support grantee COLOR in Colorado, who were hard at work to successfully defeat Amendment 67 (“Personhood Amendment”), which would have dealt a heavy blow to women’s reproductive rights in the state.

October 28: President Younger goes to the University of New Haven in Connecticut, where she attends the Women in Leadership Conference.

October 30: The Listening Tour takes no breaks! President Younger is in New York City, where New York Life hosts the “Women @Work” panel, giving her the opportunity to discuss trends in the workplace that affect women, as well as meet many new supporters of the Ms. Foundation.

November 1: President Younger visits New Haven in Connecticut again, this time to deliver a speech at Yale University.

November 11-12: The Listening Tour is in Dallas, Texas where President Younger participates in the “Facing Race” Conference while meeting Ms. Foundation supporters and longtime donors, including board member Lauren Embrey.

November 13: President Younger makes a quick visit again to the nation’s capital, where she participates in the International Conference on Family Planning, presented by Population Action International.

November 14-15: It’s back to Dallas for the Listening Tour, where President Younger meets more supporters and continues to attend the “Facing Race” Conference.

November 18-20: The looming Thanksgiving holiday doesn’t slow the Listening Tour down. President Younger visits New Orleans in Louisiana for the Funder’s Network on Population, Health and Rights meeting, where two Ms. Foundation grantees – URGE and the Native American Community Board – are also attending, along with Ms. Foundation’s Reproductive Justice program director Ellen Liu.

November 21-22: It’s off to Raleigh in North Carolina to meet more supporters and to meet Ms. Foundation grantees! President Younger visits with El Pueblo, who host a house party bringing together the Ms. Foundation with the organization’s clients and supporters.

December 2-4: The Ms. Foundation is back in California, meeting with our supporters while in the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Area.

January 15-19, 2015: The Listening Tour will go to Atlanta, just in time to celebrate the Dr. Martin Luther King holiday and to visit with supporters and grantees working for women’s rights in the South.

February 11, 2015: President and CEO Teresa C. Younger meets with famed activist Dorothy Pitman Hughes in Jacksonville, FL. She also meets with Mayor Alvin Brown, who declares the day as “Ms. Foundation for Women Day” for the city!

July 14-18, 2015: At NetRoots Nation, the premier convention for progressive leaders and supporters! Ms. Foundation president and CEO Teresa C. Younger hosts a pre-convention event for our grantees and staff, and speaks at the Ignite Closing Plenary.

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