MN Coalition Against Sexual Assault
Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Thanks to Ms. Foundation for Women grantee Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault (MNCASA), Minnesota is making greater strides toward sexual assault prevention. A voice for victims and survivors, sexual assault programs, and allies committed to ending sexual violence, MNCASA secured state funding to support community-based primary prevention partnerships.

This is the first time the Minnesota state legislature has awarded funds for the primary prevention of sexual violence against children and youth ages 0 to 25, marking a significant commitment to eradicating this type of violence. In November 2014, the organization used its funding to award $120,000 to five agencies working in different communities to create environments that promote respect, equality, healthy relationships and healthy sexuality. The grants from MNCASA are part of a two-year effort, with $180,000 set to be awarded to these organizations in July 2015, and represent a holistic approach to ending sexual violence.

MNCASA’s grantees will focus on the following areas:

  • Addressing sexual violence in the Latino(a) community using a culturally-sensitive model where students and parents serve as peer educators and build leadership
  • Changing the accepted culture of adults “dating” teens by increasing teens’ knowledge about healthy relationships and working with adults to counter these norms
  • Reducing the occurrence of sexual harm of youth who have intellectual or developmental disabilities
  • Expanding prevention programming to Moorhead, the largest city in northwest Minnesota, and surrounding areas
  • Creating a culture of zero tolerance for sexual aggression between youth ages 18 to 25, equipping bystanders with skills to intervene in sexual aggression or misconduct situations

As one of the early funders of MNCASA’s prevention advocacy, the Ms. Foundation is proud to support MNCASA using innovative approaches to critical issues, and are committed to creating new leaders in the feminist movement. MNCASA’s effective work and leadership are now recognized by Minnesota’s state government – a big step forward in ending sexual violence.