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Since 1973 the Ms. Foundation for Women has been proving that women have the power to identify problems, find solutions and change the world for the better. The Ms. Foundation for Women was started at a time when women were still relegated to second-class status. Choices were limited, opportunities were few. It took the leadership, vision and tenacity of feminist leaders like Gloria Steinem and less-known women leaders in communities nationwide to demand change.

Thanks in part to our work, the country has changed for the better. Women enjoy more power than ever. “Having it all” may still be an impossible ideal, but there’s no doubt that women have assumed greater leadership and overcome countless barriers in all spheres of life.

But our work is not over. Not by a long shot. Even with all the progress we’ve made, women’s rights, health and safety are still in jeopardy—especially with respect to low-income women and women of color. We’re still fighting, and we’re still making a difference.

By supporting the work of our grantees in the field, delivering training that builds stronger, more effective leaders, organizations and campaigns, fighting for policy change, and speaking out on the issues that matter most to women, we are continuing to make change that will last for generations.

Building Leaders 

Economic Justice convenings

Our Economic Justice convenings bring our grantee partners together to create strategies, discuss issues and solutions and to gain a broader understanding of the areas of economic justice.

Women’s Health convenings

Our Women’s Health convenings provide the chance for our grantees to discuss issues faced in reproductive health and justice, to describe problems and find resolutions and to network with other organizations focused on similar areas of work.

Strength in Numbers

Our Strength in Numbers program trains our grantees on building stable, practical financial, fundraising and operational management practices for their organizations.

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Support the Grassroots Movement

Your donation to the Ms. Foundation helps us provide essential support, funding and resources to more than 100 organizations across the country. We select grantees that together, build momentum for change. If you’re concerned about women and girls; if you think we need to invest in their future; if you want to have a real hand in making things better — donate today and support our “boots on the ground” efforts all across the country.