Proposal Components If You Are An Artist

Please combine all proposal components below into ONE (1) PDF document to be uploaded. Please ensure the responses adhere to the maximum allowable number of words specified, and provide the following information in the order detailed:

Purpose of Grant Please describe the project in one or two brief sentences (maximum 50 words)
Mission and Vision Please share a brief artist’s statement (max. 200 words)
Detailed Project Description Describe the proposed project, its genesis, stages, proposed partners and their roles (max. 500 words)
Context Please summarize the historic or current challenge, opportunity or issue that the project seeks to address. (max. 400 words)
Activities & Timeline List the activities you will carry out to achieve the goals of your project. Include a project implementation plan and a timeline for the proposed activities. (max. 400 words)
Access How will members of the community participate or gain access to the project? What is the applicant’s relationship to that community? (max. 300 words)
Impact (External) Describe your intended artistic and community goals, and the project’s theory of change based on your own criteria. How will you know if your goals have been achieved? (max. 400 words)
Impact (Internal) What impact will this grant have on you? (max.250 words)
Work Sample If you are submitting a work sample, describe it and how it relates to the proposed project (max. 150 words)
Organization Budget & Income Please provide total income figures for each of the past three years as reported to the IRS.

Budget Template: Organization Budget

Project Budget Please use the provided project budget template and incorporate it into the proposal PDF document. The total project budget must match the amount listed in your online application form.

On the same page, list your operating expense budgets for the current and most recent fiscal year. Please be sure to note the beginning and end of your fiscal year.

On the same page, provide a list of foundation and corporate supporters for the proposed project and all other sources of income, with amounts, including pending funding sources for your current and most recent year.

Note: Overhead/ indirect or administrative costs may account for up to 15% of your project budget. These costs refer to any ongoing operating expenses of the regular business of the applicant that are not directly related to the project. This percentage should be explicitly shown in the budget.

Budget Template: Project Budget

Project Bios Provide bios or CVs for the project’s key staff/ artists and incorporate them into the proposal PDF document.
If you are a past AWGC grantee, please answer Are you applying for renewal funding for a project AWGC has previously funded? If so, why are you applying for renewal funding? Have you secured funding from other sources for the project previously funded by AWGC? Or are you applying for a wholly new project? (max. 200 words)


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