Ms. Foundation for Women GrantsFrom national organizations working on broad policy change to local grassroots groups delivering vital services to under-served communities, our grantees are working every day on behalf of women and girls. They work on a broad range of issues, including economic justice, ending gender-based violence and preventing child sexual abuse, and protecting women’s access to health care and reproductive rights. Meet our grantees and see what we’re helping them achieve.

Funding Change for the Future

We believe that women are the engine for change in their communities. By funding game changing organizations that are successfully addressing pivotal issues of reproductive health; affordable child care with living wage jobs; and fighting gender-based violence – we are having real impact on the lives of women, children, families and paving the road toward a nation of justice for all.

Who We Support

As a national grantmaker, we support organizations at all levels, from grassroots to state and national organizations. We believe that women most directly impacted by an issue are the real experts and we select groups that are of the community they work in.

We choose our grantees carefully, informed by decades of work in the field. Our goals is to connect with emerging and established groups poised to act when and where change is needed.

More Than Dollars

What sets the Ms. Foundation apart is our commitment to supporting grantee organizations not only with funding, but also with a variety of opportunities to help them become as effective as possible in achieving their missions and advancing our collective goals. This means we roll up our sleeves to:

  • Strengthen organizations: We are invested in their financial health and offer assistance to strengthen their organizational core.
  • Cultivate leaders: We support individual leaders who are rising stars in their fields with leadership training opportunities.
  • Build momentum: We bring grantees together to network with one another and spark collective synergy toward systemic change.

Support the Grassroots Movement

Your donation to the Ms. Foundation helps us provide essential support, funding and resources to more than 100 organizations across the country. We select grantees that together, build momentum for change. If you’re concerned about women and girls; if you think we need to invest in their future; if you want to have a real hand in making things better — donate today and support our “boots on the ground” efforts all across the country.