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Returning women often struggle with a range of social and emotional needs, including barriers to family reunification, substance abuse problems, inadequate access to mental health services, and addressing experiences of trauma. Women in reentry must confront these social and emotional challenges while facing substantial obstacles to obtaining housing, employment and other essential services. As formerly incarcerated women, the Women of the WIRE have first-hand insight through lived experience. The WIRE is therefore uniquely qualified to help women navigate their return and ensure that services are properly tailored to the gender-specific needs of women in reentry.

The Women of the WIRE endeavor to raise awareness about the need for gender-responsive programs, services and policies to enable formerly incarcerated women to successfully reintegrate into society. Furthermore, the Women of the WIRE advocate for humane conditions of confinement, and alternatives to incarceration that support women who have been impacted by the criminal justice system.

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