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Faith in Texas

Faith in Texas engages people, communities, and voters through community organizing, civic engagement, and leadership development to create pathways of opportunity for all Texans to thrive. To affect change at the local and state levels, Faith in Texas aims to:

  • Name the lies and false narratives that undergird injustice and threaten our collective power and liberation.
  • Build broad coalitions across race, class, and faith that reflect the many stakeholders in our community to engage in strategic action to dismantle unjust systems
  • Demand accountability and transparency from our public systems and elected officials.
  • Develop a new generation of community leaders and elected officials to establish, protect, and promote community-centered issues, policies, and systems.
  • Pursue and promote grassroots funding.

based in: Texas

an Activist Collaboration & Care Fund grantee partner

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212.742.2300 [email protected]

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