Ms. Foundation for Women on Forced Separation and Tender Age Shelters

Ms. Foundation for Women on Forced Separation and Tender Age Shelters: ‘Let us call government-funded abduction and imprisonment of innocent children what it really is – nothing short of criminal’

Ms. Foundation for Women, one of the first and oldest women’s funds in the United States, issues the following statement:

Teresa C. Younger, President and CEO of Ms. Foundation for Women:

“Let us call forced family separation what it really is — the government-funded abduction and imprisonment of innocent children, toddlers, and infants. While they have shared sanitized state-sanctioned images of young boys in cages, they have yet to account for the thousands of young girls and babies who have been taken from their parents and are now at even more risk of abuse and trafficking. This is just status quo for an administration that is committed to acting with unmitigated cruelty towards people of color.

Donald Trump, Jeff Sessions, Kirstjen Nielsen and their associates tarnish and dehumanize refugees with thinly-veiled language — all to maintain their goal of restricting legal immigration and stirring up their racist, white supremacist base.

This morning’s mention of a possible executive order that would end the policy does not absolve them of or conceal their intention to indefinitely detain and profit off of families who come here to escape violence and persecution.

It is clear today — as it has been since the first day of his campaign — that Donald Trump and those in his administration do not care about the women, children, or people of color they’re putting at risk.  They show a stunning disregard for both the law and common human decency and are terrorizing our communities.

The Ms. Foundation for Women and its grantee-partners are committed to finding and amplifying the stories and lived experiences of girls and women of color.

We refuse to let racism win, we will continue to fight back against this inhumane abuse — the time is now, and we won’t go back.”  

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