Health Coverage for Immigrants

Immigrant women and their families face particular obstacles to accessing affordable, quality health care. While many immigrants are eligible under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), immigration status may impact options or exclude some people all together. Mixed-status immigrant families may find that some family members may get health care while other family members will still be excluded from coverage because of their immigration status. However, no family member’s immigration status may be put at risk by enrolling eligible family members.

While women’s health and immigrant rights advocates are working to change the law so that all immigrants are covered in the future, there is help for immigrants who are trying to enroll in a state marketplace today.

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Need to know how your immigration status affects your health care coverage?

This fact sheet will give you the information you need. Spanish language fact sheet available here.

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This fact sheet will tell you how the Affordable Care Act helps immigrant women and families. Spanish language fact sheet available here.

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If you’re a navigator or advocate, this fact sheet may help you in your efforts to ensure that immigrant families get access to health care coverage. Spanish language fact sheet available here.

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The National Immigration Law Center has detailed information about immigrants and the Affordable Care Act

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