Across the country, 24 organizations received economic justice (EJ) funding in 2012– 2016.

Forty years ago, a woman would earn only 56% of what a man would earn in an identical job. Today, the pay gap is stuck at 77% – and the gap is even wider, and worse, for women of color.

We aren’t satisfied, and we won’t quit until women earn equal pay for equal work. The Ms. Foundation for Women lives up to our goal of eliminating barriers that prevent women from advancing in the workplace, by targeting issues that affect their paychecks.

Affordable Child Care & Quality Child Care Jobs

Did you know that the full-time child care costs for an infant eat up 41% of the average single mother’s income? Or that the very people we rely on to take care of our children earn some of the lowest wages in the country? Affordable child care and quality child care jobs are essential to the health and stability of U.S. families. We need policies that support working parents and providers and reflect real family values.

About our child care work

Immigration Law that’s Right for Women

The majority of immigrants are women – women who are often concentrated in low-wage jobs without access to health care and other benefits, women who have fewer protections from gender-based violence, and women who disproportionately suffer from failed immigration policies. We’re advancing immigrants’ rights in support of women.

Economic Justice: Reports

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The Third Shift: Child Care Needs and Access for Working Mothers in Restaurants

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Ms Foundation economic justice grantee partner JWJ at workers' rights rally in Kentucky
Advocating for workers’ rights in Kentucky (JWJ)