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From national organizations working on broad policy change to local grassroots groups delivering vital services to under-served communities, our grantees are working every day on behalf of women and girls. They work on a broad range of issues, including economic justice, ending gender-based violence and preventing child sexual abuse, and protecting women’s access to health care and reproductive rights. Meet our grantees and see what we’re helping them achieve.

Building Democracy

The Ms. Foundation promotes the voices and vision of those who have long been excluded from decision-making tables, especially low-income women and women of color. By investing in long-term civic engagement and supporting strategies that bring in new constituencies and expand social movements, the Ms. Foundation works to strengthen our democracy as a whole.

Ending Violence

Since our inception, the Ms. Foundation has worked in partnership with grassroots, state and national organizations to end gender-based violence. Today our grantmaking is focused on building a movement to end child sexual abuse.

Special Projects

The Ms. Foundation is involved in many projects that go beyond our grantamking focus areas. Our special projects include efforts to address the sexualization of girls, targeted campaigns fighting sexism in the media and programs that investigate the intersection of race, class and gender.

Women’s Health

The Ms. Foundation knows that if women can’t access quality health care they cannot be truly healthy. That is why our women’s health grantmaking focuses on supporting access to reproductive rights, health and justice – with an emphasis on access to contraception and abortion – for all women in the US, especially those who experience structural barriers to access.

Economic Justice

The Ms. Foundation believes that it’s not enough to treat the symptoms of women’s inequality – we have to fix the entire system. We target and tear down entrenched barriers that stand in the way of each and every woman’s health, safety and economic wellbeing. Our economic justice grantmaking supports organizations working to create a nation where affordable child care and quality child care jobs are available for all.

Discretionary Funds

Discretionary funds provide maximum flexibility in addressing changing community needs and opportunities. The Foundation’s Grants Committee determines, on an annual basis, how grants from the pool of discretionary funds will be made.

Donor-Advised Funds

Donor advised funds allow specific donors within the Ms. Foundation family to use the Foundation’s knowledge and expertise to recommmend grants to particular public charities.

The Oma Fund is a donor-advised fund of the Ms. Foundation for Women. Established in 2010 as a descendant of the Dickler Family Foundation, Oma means “grandmother,” honoring the source of the funds and reflecting the intergenerational spirit that inspires our grantmaking.

The Asian Women Giving Circle (AWGC) is a donor advised fund of the Ms. Foundation for Women. It is supported through a group of individuals who pool their resources to invest in Asian American women-led social change projects in New York City that benefit Asian American women and families. AWGC grants seek to build community and create social change through projects that combine the arts with activism, and that highlight and promote women’s central role in their leadership, creation, development and management.

Learn about AWGC’s grantmaking process