Asian Women Giving Circle

Request for Proposals 2016 Women,

Arts & Progressive Social Change January 11, 2016

Deadline to Apply: Friday, March 11, 2016, 5 pm EST

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RFP Overview

Request for Proposals 2016 Women, Arts & Progressive Social Change January 11, 2016

Deadline to Apply: Friday, March 11, 2016, 5 pm EST

Asian Women Giving Circle (AWGC) believes culture is an essential part of any strategy for social change. We support Asian American women-led organizations and individual artists in NYC who are using arts and culture to:

• bring about progressive social transformation,
• raise awareness and catalyze action around critical issues that affect Asian

American women, girls and families, and
• highlight and promote women’s central role as leaders, creators, developers and managers of these projects.

In this 2016 grants cycle, we anticipate that 5-8 project grants will be awarded, contingent on available funding. The maximum grant amount is $15,000. For a description of past project grants, please visit our website:

Our Mission

Founded in 2005, the AWGC is a collaboration of Asian American women in New York City who are passionate about amplifying the transformative power of arts and culture to bring about progressive change. We promote grassroots philanthropy and pool our resources to fund projects led by Asian American women who use their creativity to move hearts, minds and communities to be free of fear, bias and injustice.

Who We Are

AWGC is the first and largest giving circle in the nation led by Asian American women. Asian Americans are the fastest growing racial and ethnic group in New York City (comprising 14% of the population) yet our communities receive less than 1% of philanthropic dollars. Our goals are to:

• Channel more resources into our local communities
• Engage more people to invest in creative projects by and for our communities • Shine an authentic spotlight on our experiences and stories
• Promote progressive social change
• Raise the visibility of Asian American women doing philanthropic work

All donors to the giving circle are invited to vote on the projects they wish to see funded. The AWGC Steering Committee is a group of approximately 25 diverse Asian American women who lead the grant-making and fund-raising efforts of the giving circle. We are a donor-advised fund at the Ms. Foundation for Women, which distributes our funds solely at our direction, and we are also a member of the Asian American/ Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy (AAPIP) National Donor Circle Network.

AWGC funds individual artists and community groups whose projects contribute to progressive social and political change. Since our founding, we have raised and awarded over $700,000 in support of over 70 projects.

Eligibility Criteria

  • This RFP is open to both 501(c)(3) organizations and individual artists
    o Artists and collectives that are not 501(c)(3)s must apply under a fiscalsponsor that is a 501(c)(3) organization, which they must list on theirapplication as the applying organization.o NOTE: Failure to provide 501(c)(3) documentation or to provide a fiscal sponsor with the same will automatically disqualify the application.
  • All artistic disciplines will be considered, including cross-disciplinary work
  • Projects must incorporate the arts in an integral way
  • Projects must highlight women’s leadership and/or central role
  • Projects must demonstrate a deep commitment to a specific community in NYC
  • Grants must be applied to specific projects and cannot support the organization’songoing programs, operations, capital or endowments
  • Applicants can be at any stage in their careers but must have a track record ofdeveloped work that demonstrates their capacity to complete the proposed projectand manage the funds requested
  • Proposals must make a clear case for the theory of change envisioned by theproject, based on the applicants’ own criteria for defining and measuring impactWhat We Do Not Fund
    • Capital or endowment campaigns
    • Equipment purchases
    • Support to address financial crises or shortfalls
    • Purely personal works of artistic expression with little or no social justice impact
    • Documentation that is primarily of cultural events
    • Performances or personalities that do not provide a social change analysis or socialjustice focus
    • Student productions or projects associated with a degree program and academiccredit

Review Process

All applications are reviewed by the Steering Committee of the Asian Women Giving Circle. A short-list of applicant projects are advanced as “finalists” and all donors to the 2016 grant making pool will be invited to vote via email ballot on the projects they believe should be funded. The final grant allocation decisions are made by the Steering Committee and submitted to our fiscal sponsor, the Ms. Foundation for Women. The Ms. Foundation disburses the grants solely at our direction.

Applications will be reviewed by the AWGC Steering Committee on the basis of:
• The quality of the project concept in relation to social change
• The potential impact of the project to change hearts, minds and communities

towards progressive social change
• The artist’s or organization’s strong commitment to a particular community in NYC • The central role of Asian American women and girls in the project’s conceptual

framework, design and implementation
• The artist’s or organization’s ability to complete the project and use the grant funds


Important Dates

  • Grant application deadline is 5 pm EST, Friday, March 11, 2016. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.
  • Notification of Grant Awards will be made by mid-June 2016
  • All grantees will be required to submit a narrative and financial report at the end ofthe grant year (June 2017)How to ApplyThis RFP is administered via the grants portal of the Ms. Foundation for Women which will accept online applications until 5 pm, EST, Friday, March 11, 2016. Applications will be accepted ONLY via this online process.

Proposal Components

Please combine all proposal components below into ONE (1) PDF document to be uploaded. Please ensure the responses adhere to the maximum allowable number of words specified, and provide the following information in the order detailed:

 If you are an artistIf you are an organization
Purpose of GrantPlease describe the project in one or two brief sentences (maximum 50 words)
Please describe the project in one or two brief sentences (maximum 50 words)Please share a brief artist’s statement (max. 200 words)Please provide your organization’s mission and vision statements (max. 200 words)
Detailed Project DescriptionDescribe the proposed project, its genesis, stages, proposed partners and their roles (max. 500 words)
ContextPlease summarize the historic or current challenge, opportunity or issue that the project seeks to address. (max. 400 words)
Activities & TimelineList the activities you will carry out to achieve the goals of your project. Include a project implementation plan and a timeline for the proposed activities. (max. 400 words)
AccessHow will members of the community participate or gain access to the project? What is the applicant’s relationship to that community? (max. 300 words)
Impact (External)Describe your intended artistic and community goals, and the project’s theory of change based on your own criteria. How will you know if your goals have been achieved? (max. 400 words)
Impact (Internal)What impact will this grant have on you? (max.250 words)What impact will this grant have on your organization? (max.250 words)
Work Sample
If you are submitting a work sample, describe it and how it relates to the proposed project (max. 150 words)
Organization Budget & IncomePlease provide total income figures for each of the past three years (2014, 2013, 2102), as reported to the IRS.Please fill out the provided Organization Budget & Income Template and incorporate into the proposal’s PDF document. Note that the budget amount indicated on this form must be the same as the amount listed in the online application form.

Click Organization Budget & Income for organizational budget template.
Project BudgetPlease use the provided project budget template and incorporate it into the proposal PDF document. The total project budget must match the amount listed in your online application form.

On the same page, list your operating expense budgets for the current and most recent fiscal year. Please be sure to note the beginning and end of your fiscal year.

On the same page, provide a list of foundation and corporate supporters for the proposed project and all other sources of income, with amounts, including pending funding sources for your current and most recent year.

Note: Overhead/ indirect or administrative costs may account for up to 15% of your project budget. These costs refer to any ongoing operating expenses of the regular business of the applicant that are not directly related to the project. This percentage should be explicitly shown in the budget.

Click Project Budget & Income for project budget template.
Project BiosProvide bios or CVs for the project’s key staff/ artists and incorporate them into the proposal PDF document.
If you are a past AWGC grantee, please answerAre you applying for renewal funding for a project AWGC has previously funded? If so, why are you applying for renewal funding? Have you secured funding from other sources for the project previously funded by AWGC? Or are you applying for a wholly new project? (max. 200 words)

Tax Exempt Status Verification

501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4): Please provide a copy of your organization’s IRS tax-exempt determination letter. If your tax-exempt status is pending or if you are applying under a fiscal sponsor, attach a copy of your fiscal sponsor’s most recent IRS determination letter along with a signed Memorandum of Understanding that establishes fiscal sponsorship.

Work Samples

Work samples are optional but encouraged. Your work sample should be a current representation of the project’s proposed activities. ONLINE SAMPLES ARE PREFERRED. Mailed samples will NOT be returned. Be sure to mark your sample with the name of your organization and project.

Acceptable work samples are:

  • Link to online video, CD or DVD (max. 3 minutes in length); please include cueinstructions and URL (if sharing online sample) in narrative above
  • Hard copies or photos or scanned images (max of 5)
  • Printed books or printed sample, or scanned PDF images


Work samples may be mailed to the following address and must be received by 5 pm EST, Friday, March 11, 2016:

Asian Women Giving Circle
c/o Ms. Foundation for Women 12 MetroTech Center, 26th floor Brooklyn, NY 11201

Format for Proposals

Narrative must follow the following format:
• Type, use a 12-point font size and single-space • Answer all the questions in the order listed
• Save in PDF format

Once you’ve saved your proposal as a PDF, you may then upload it through the online application procedure described below.

Online Application Procedure

Your proposal must be submitted through the Ms. Foundation’s online application process using the following link to access the application form: .

NOTE: In order to view your application, your internet browser must be able to view cookies.

  • When you access the application form, you will be prompted to create a username and password. This will allow you to save your work and access your application in the future. Please retain your username and password. Neither the Giving Circle nor the Ms. Foundation has access to your account login information.
  • Once an application has been saved or submitted, you can log back into the system using the following link:
  • The online application will ask you a set of questions before prompting you to upload your proposal saved in PDF format.

NOTE: There is a 3 MB size limit for files uploaded to your application. If you do not already have PDF conversion ability, you can create a PDF within the size limit by using PromoPDF software (to download for free, visit Note that scanning a printed document to create a PDF will likely produce a document that is too large for uploading.

• Proposals must be submitted through the online system by Friday, March 11, 2016 at 5 pm Eastern Standard Time.

NOTE: The system will shut down at 5 pm EST on Friday, March 11, 2016. After that time, applications can no longer be accepted. Please do not wait until the deadline to submit your application. We cannot make exceptions for late applications, even if the delay was due to computer problems or other unforeseen complications.

Please note that incomplete applications, applications sent via regular mail, or applications that do not adhere to the specified requirements will not be accepted.

  • Please familiarize yourself with this online application before the deadline.
  • You will receive a confirmation email (sent to the email you noted on yourapplication) once your application has been received.Contact Information for RFPFor technical difficulties, please send an email to Should you have questions regarding the RFP, please

Asian Women Giving Circle

c/o the Ms. Foundation for Women 12 MetroTech Center, 26th floor Brooklyn, NY 11201