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Kayla Santalla, Communications and Marketing Specialist

Kayla joins the Communications Department with a passionate commitment to leveraging social media to generate awareness and mobilize support for the Ms. Foundation. The interrelationships between education, social status, gender, health, and life chances have always intrigued Kayla, shaping both her academic and personal commitments.

Prior to joining the Ms. Foundation, Kayla worked at the William J. Clinton Foundation where she supported Corporate Relations for the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. While living in Miami, Kayla regularly volunteered at the American Heart Association and also worked in the corporate sector as a Marketing Specialist and Brand Ambassador for several brands including Gillette, Sauve, and Starbucks.

Kayla Santalla earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications (2007) and a Master of Arts degree in Sociology (2009) from the University of Miami. While studying at the University of Miami she was awarded two nationally competitive grants from the National Science Foundation and was an honor student in the School of Communications and College of Arts and Sciences. Her specialties are in Media Management, Medical Sociology and Race and Ethnic Relations.

Kayla Santalla