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Paulette Hodge, Director, Direct Marketing

Paulette Hodge brings seven years of fundraising experience and more than 12 years of marketing, print and digital communications experience to her position as the Director of Direct Marketing.

Paulette develops creative ways to engage supporters and donors in the mission of and activities at the Ms. Foundation for Women. Prior to the Ms. Foundation, Paulette worked at Goddard Riverside Community Center, as the Direct Marketing Manager. Paulette also worked as the Director of Direct Marketing at Safe Horizon, where she redesigned the website to make it more effective and increased revenue by 40%. Prior to this, Paulette was the Communications Manager at the animal rescue organization, Bideawee.

Paulette has also worked at Time Warner, Barnes & Noble, and Cablevision. Paulette has BA degree in Journalism from the School of Visual Arts and an MPA degree in Nonprofit Management from Baruch College.

Paulette Hodge