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Fire James Taranto

Sexual assault victims deserve better


NEW YORK — Feb. 13, 2014 — In a recent piece, Wall Street Journal columnist James Taranto, who has a history of misogynist, sexist commentary that promotes rape culture, again attacked victims of sexual assault. Dorothy Q. Thomas, interim president and CEO of the Ms. Foundation for Women, released the following statement:

“Earlier this year, James Taranto insulted America’s servicewoman by labeling the military’s efforts to crack down on sexual assault a ‘war on men.’ This week he continued his outrageous behavior by suggesting college women who are raped are as much to blame as their attackers. This is more than just flatly offensive and patently wrong. One in five undergraduate women experience a sexual assault or attempted sexual assault. Attitudes like Taranto’s don’t just excuse those kinds of statistics — they contribute to the culture of rape.

“It’s time for the Wall Street Journal to stop giving James Taranto a platform to promote misogyny. We support the thousands online in the call to #fireJamesTarantoWSJ.”


For 40 years, the Ms. Foundation for Women has worked tirelessly to secure women’s rights and freedoms with a special commitment to building the power of low-income, immigrant and women of color. The foundation invests funds, time, expertise and training in more than 100 trailblazing organizations nationwide.

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