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Planned Giving: Gloria’s Future Fund

Create Your Legacy with Ms. Foundation Gloria’s Future Fund:
A Way to Live Beyond Ourselves 


Gloria SteinemPlanned giving is one of the few ways we can support the people and values we love, no matter what happens to us. It carries what we care about into the future.
-- Gloria Steinem

Gloria’s Future Fund, named in honor of Ms. Foundation for Women founding mother Gloria Steinem, is an honor club for those who have made gifts to Ms. Foundation for Women through bequests, life income gifts, insurance policies and other estate planning vehicles.

When you make a gift to Ms. Foundation through your estate or financial plans you become part of a movement of philanthropists who, just like Gloria, are committed to securing and protecting rights for women across the United States.

Membership in Gloria’s Future Fund is one way that Ms. Foundation for Women expresses its appreciation to these important supporters.

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The greatest benefit of belonging to Gloria’s Future Fund is the satisfaction of knowing that your long-range plans will help ensure Ms. Foundation for Women remains a national institution that will continue to support and protect women’s rights. As a member, you will also receive these special benefits:

Recognition in the Group's membership roster (only with your permission.)
Invitations to the Group's annual reception and other events.
Special membership pin. 


You become a member when you indicate in writing that you have made an estate gift to Ms. Foundation for Women. Some gifts that qualify you for membership are:

Making a bequest in a will or trust.
• Naming Ms. Foundation for Women as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy.
• Creating a life income gift, such as a charitable remainder trust or gift annuity, that will ultimately benefit Ms. Foundation for Women.
• Naming Ms. Foundation for Women as a beneficiary of an IRA or other retirement plan.
• Naming Ms. Foundation for Women as a beneficiary of a savings account.
• Naming Ms. Foundation as a beneficiary of real estate or other tangible property.
• Many other gifts may qualify as well.

Changes in the tax law will likely create new planning opportunities. We can work with you and your professional advisors to create a legacy that will meet your charitable and financial goals.

To join Gloria’s Future Fund, please complete the beneficiary form or contact the Development department directly via e-mail at or by calling (212) 709-4447.

Make a tax-deductible donation now before the end of the year and help us continue this important work on behalf of women in the U.S.


Year-end Planned Giving Is Easy

If you are 70 1/2 years old or older, you can take advantage of the Pension Protection Act by transferring funds from your IRA to the Ms. Foundation for Women. The law for this has only been extended through the end of this year so take advantage now.*

Other ways to help before the end of the year:

• Give unneeded interest income to the Ms. Foundation for Women.
• Make a tax-deductible donation to the Ms. Foundation for Women with a gift of stock.
• Surrender an unneeded life insurance policy to the Ms. Foundation for Women.
• Name the Ms. Foundation for Women and become a member of Gloria's Future Fund for Women.

The deadline to take advantage of tax benefits for the current tax year is December 31st.

*Under the Pension Protection Act, those who are 70½ or older can give away as much as $100,000 a year from their individual retirement accounts directly to eligible charities without having to include any of the transfer as part of their gross income. The transfer must be made directly from the IRA to the organization.

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