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Ms. Foundation for Women Counters Accusation That Feminism Has ‘Made Women Less Happy’

NEW YORKOct 24, 2013— Feminism has “made women less happy,” according to blogger and publisher Gavin McInnes. Women, he thinks, are pulled against their natural instincts of childbirth and childrearing toward careers they don’t want. Working women are “miserable” and “feigning toughness,” he asserted.

The Ms. Foundation for Women responded by launching a Tumblr page, “I’m a Happy Feminist,” encouraging women and men to post photos declaring themselves happy feminists.

“If women in the workforce are unhappy at all, it’s because we earn only 77 percent of what men earn,” said Ms. Foundation for Women Interim President and CEO Dorothy Q. Thomas. “Women are the primary earners in 40 percent of households and comprise half of our nation’s workforce. Women enjoy greater economic power than ever before.

“The problem isn’t that women work; it’s that women’s growing economic power, which is central to our nation’s recovery, does not receive sufficient recognition or support in the form of child care.

“McInnes’ antiquated perspectives are so ludicrous that they’re laughable.”


The Ms. Foundation for Women fights to eliminate barriers for every woman in the U.S. For 40 years, we have worked tirelessly to secure women’s rights and freedoms with a special commitment to building the power of low-income, immigrant and women of color. At our core, we are advocates giving a voice to women to elevate their most pressing issues. We’re continually investing funds, time, expertise and training in more than 100 trailblazing organizations nationwide to secure a better future for ourselves, our families and our communities.

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