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Lindsay Rosenthal, Fellow


As a fellow with the Ms. Foundation's policy and advocacy department, Lindsay Rosenthal's research focuses on increasing access to health care for girls in the foster care and juvenile justice systems. Her advocacy work supports the repeal of formal restrictions on access to abortion care, including the Hyde Amendment, and an end to the practice of terminating Medicaid coverage for incarcerated individuals. Rosenthal will also work to eliminate informal practices that limit access to vital physical, mental, and reproductive health care services for girls inside the juvenile justice and foster care systems and during their transition to independent living.

Rosenthal joins the Ms. Foundation from the Center for American Progress where she served as a research assistant for women's rights and health policy in Washington DC. Her policy work is also informed by direct service experience working with girls in the foster care system as a Gaurdian Ad Litem in Miami, Florida. Rosenthal holds a master's degree from the University of Chicago and a bachelor's degree from Florida International University.

Lindsay Rosenthal