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Ms. Foundation for Women Establishes New Funds to Increase Economic Security, Prevent Child Sexual Abuse


NEW YORKAug. 5, 2013— The Ms. Foundation for Women announced today the establishment of two new funds, the Rosa Luxemburg Fund and the Lisa Black Fund for Safety.

The Rosa Luxemburg Fund is a donor-advised fund created by Helen LaKelly Hunt/The Sister Fund to provide grants that strengthen economic security for women and promote economic justice. The fund will focus specifically on organizations working at the grassroots level to address economic disparities. The Rosa Luxemburg Fund adds to the Ms. Foundation’s diverse group of donor-advised funds, which distributed $166,000 in 2012.

The Lisa Black Fund for Safety, established by Lisa Black as a discretionary fund, will enhance the Ms. Foundation’s impact in the prevention of child sexual abuse. The funds will help to increase Ms. Foundation supporter engagement, as well as expand the foundation’s grantmaking abilities. The Lisa Black Fund for Safety also will enable the Ms. Foundation to more effectively build the communications and advocacy capacity of its grantee partners. As the leading national foundation working to end child sexual abuse, the Ms. Foundation distributed nearly $750,000 in grants to organizations dedicated to prevention in 2012.


The Ms. Foundation for Women fights to eliminate barriers for every woman in the U.S. For 40 years, we have worked tirelessly to secure women’s rights and freedoms with a special commitment to building the power of low-income, immigrant and women of color. At our core, we are advocates giving a voice to women to elevate their most pressing issues. We’re continually investing funds, time, expertise and training in more than 100 trailblazing organizations nationwide to secure a better future for ourselves, our families and our communities.

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