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Wall Street Journal: Stop Denying the
Crisis of Sexual Assault in the Military

Wall Street Journal editorial board member James Taranto recently referred to efforts to reduce sexual assault in the military as "becoming an effort to criminalize male sexuality." Framing the campaign as a "war on men," he used terms like "hanky-panky" and "sexual recklessness" to describe potential sexual assault, belittling the seriousness of the crime.

Language like Taranto's perpetuates a misogynistic culture in which sexual assault is enabled to thrive. It normalizes the ongoing systemic inequities between men and women and dismisses the long history of disrespect of servicewomen's health, rights and safety. [Read our op-ed in The Daily Beast.]

Nearly one in three military women report unwanted sexual assault. Taranto's victim-blaming is a slap in the face to those survivors and the people who love and respect them. We deserve responsible media coverage that addresses this ongoing crisis, instead of denying it.

The Ms. Foundation for Women and the Service Women's Action Network, a former grantee, are outraged. Help us send a message to the Wall Street Journal that women will not tolerate hateful rhetoric and sexist doctrine on the opinion pages. Sign our petition calling for the disciplining of Taranto and a formal meeting with the Wall Street Journal's editorial board.

As Taranto's writing makes clear, we have much more to do to change this culture of acceptance of violence against women.

Sexual assault in the military is not "hanky panky"

Hanky Panky

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