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Ms. Foundation for Women Selects 2013-2014 Fellow
Lindsay Rosenthal to Support Advocacy Efforts to Increase Access to Health Care

NEW YORK--June 3, 2013--The Ms. Foundation for Women announced today that Lindsay Rosenthal has been selected for its 2013-2014 fellowship. As a member of the Ms. Foundation's Advocacy and Policy department, Rosenthal will identify the best strategies for increasing access to health care services for girls currently in or transitioning from the juvenile justice and foster care systems.

Specifically, Rosenthal's research and advocacy will support the repeal of formal restrictions on access to abortion care, including the Hyde Amendment – which restricts access to abortion services for those reliant on public funding – and an end to the practice of terminating Medicaid coverage for incarcerated individuals.

Rosenthal also will work to eliminate informal practices that limit access to vital physical, mental and reproductive health care services for girls inside the juvenile justice and foster care systems and during their transition to more independent living.

"Lindsay's research identifying government and private sector barriers to health care that persist for girls in state care will inform the Ms. Foundation's nationwide campaign to increase access for all women and girls through the implementation of health care reform," said Ms. Foundation President and CEO Anika Rahman. "Her focus on reforming policies that disproportionately harm young women and girls aligns well with the Ms. Foundation's historical commitment to increasing access to reproductive health care for the most marginalized groups."

Rosenthal is the special assistant for domestic policy at the Center for American Progress, where she specializes in women's health issues. She holds a M.A. in humanities from the University of Chicago and a B.A. in English literature from Florida International University.

Rosenthal was chosen from a pool of more than 160 applicants. The fellowship jury included chair Dorothy Q. Thomas and members Barbara Dobkin, Maya Harris, Darnell Moore, Beth Sawi, Lateefah Simon and Marie C. Wilson.

The fellowship is a full-time, one-year commitment beginning in September 2013.


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