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79 Reasons to Celebrate
Gloria Steinem's Birthday

Gloria Steinem

Our founding president, Gloria Steinem, is turning 79 on March 25th and there are 79 reasons why YOU should celebrate with us!


Check out the 79 reasons why you should wish Gloria Steinem a happy birthday and sign our card for her:

1. Because she's Gloria Steinem.
2. She was the founding president of the Ms. Foundation for Women.
3. She has an award named after her (The Gloria Award).
4. She loves cats.
5. She's never at a loss for words.
6. She's a yogi.
7. She has her own HBO documentary, "Gloria: In Her Own Words."
8. She is featured on MAKERS.
9. She's a leading feminist activist.
10. She has shaped fashion eyewear for 50 years.
11. Oprah turns to her for insight.
12. She is a frequent media spokeswoman on issues of equality.
13. She loves people.
14. She is so awesome, conspiracy theorists have it out for her.
15. She was a guest host on the "Today Show."
16. She's got more clout on a college campus than Kanye West.
17. She is an awesome tap dancer.
18. She slammed Sarah Palin for selling out the women's rights movement.
19. She's a fearless leader.
20. She was a headliner for an Obama fundraiser.
21. She meets with world leaders.
22. She co-founded Ms. Magazine.
23. She was president and co-founder of Voters for Choice.
24. She helped to found New York magazine.
25. She loves elephants.
26. Barbara Walters looks to her to get the scoop on love and marriage.
27. She was published in Esquire, Glamour and The New York Times Magazine.
28. She's laughed her way through the revolution.
29. She drops the "F-bomb."
30. She's a lover, not a hater. She wrote the bestseller "Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions, Moving Beyond Words."
31. She loves jury duty.
32. She received the Society of Writers Award from the United Nations.
33. Biography magazine listed her as one of the 25 most influential women in America.
34. She co-produced and narrated an Emmy Award-winning TV documentary for HBO, "Multiple Personalities: The Search for Deadly Memories."
35. She considers herself a New Yorker.
36. She takes the subway.
37. Steinem is a staunch advocate of reproductive freedom.
38. She's a vegetarian.
39. She supports paid-sick- leave and is pressuring Mayoral Candidate Christine Quinn to do the same!
40. Steinem graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Smith College.
41. She was influenced by Gandhian activism.
42. Steinem was active in civil rights.
43. She received the first Doctorate of Human Justice awarded by Simmons College.
44. She received the National Gay Rights Advocates Award.
45. She received the Ceres Medal from the United Nations.
46. In 1993, she was inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame in Seneca Falls, NY.
47. She co-produced an original 1993 TV movie for Lifetime, "Better Off Dead."
48. She had a cameo in the "First Wives Club."
49. She was co-founder and serves on the board of Choice USA.
50. She was a member of the Beyond Racism Initiative.
51. She wrote the bestseller "Revolution from Within: A Book of Self-Esteem."
52. Ms. Steinem helped to found the Women's Action Alliance.
53. She co-founded the Women's Media Center in 2004.
54. She produced a feature film about the death penalty for Lifetime.
55. She wrote the bestseller "Marilyn: Norma Jean," on the life of Marilyn Monroe.
56. 11 year olds make Gloria the subject of school history projects!
57. She founded the Women's Media Center's Women Under Siege project.
58. She championed the women's liberation movement.
59. She's an Aries.
60. She was good friends Wilma Mankiller, Shriley Chisolm and Bella Abzug!
61. She's a good tipper.
62. She has been profiled on Showtime.
63. Steinem wrote the definitive article on female genital mutilation that brought the practice into the American public's consciousness.
64. She uses her celebrity power to lift up the voices that aren't usually heard.
66. She went deep undercover as a Playboy Bunny to inform her groundbreaking story that exposed harsh working conditions.
67. Her alias was Marie C. Ochs.
68. She's a tireless advocate for human rights.
69. She loves Holly Golightly.
70. She supports same-sex marriage.
71. She actively campaigned for the Equal Rights Amendment.
72. She protested against the Vietnam War.
73. She protested the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.
74. Steinem, along with other feminist leaders (including Betty Friedan, Fannie Lou Hamer, Myrlie Evers and several U.S. Representatives) founded the National Women's Political Caucus.
75. In 1984, Steinem was arrested for disorderly conduct outside the South African embassy while protesting against the South African apartheid system.
76. She co-founded the Coalition of Labor Union Women.
77. She's on Rush Limbaugh's hit list.
78. She's really cool. (Have you seen her?!)
79. After you sign this card, she'll read it!

Tell Gloria why you wish her a happy birthday in the comments section!

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I just signed the Ms. Foundation for Women's birthday card to Gloria Steinem. She's an amazing woman and there are at least 79 reasons to celebrate her.
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I just signed the Ms. Foundation for Women's birthday card to Gloria Steinem. Check out the 79 reasons to celebrate her and share yours:

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