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Anika Rahman - Women in the workplace and child care [For Your Ears Only: Radio America]


Anika RahmanFifty years after publication of "The Feminine Mystique," in which Betty Friedan put her finger on feelings of frustration that soon after led to the Feminist Movement, a new book seeks to move women past mere participation in the work force to leadership in fair proportion to their numbers. It is "Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead" from Knopf, by Sheryl Sandberg, who provides her own best example. A wife and mother, she worked her way to top positions in male-dominated Silicon Valley at Google and more recently Facebook, where she's been chief operating officer since 2008.

And to a degree like Friedan's book, "Lean In" is stirring controversy, though perhaps less among men than women, because of the focus it puts on their own psychology--above and beyond the roadblocks generated or tolerated by government and business. Foremost among those roadblocks is a shortage of comprehensive, affordable child-care so parents of both sexes can make the best of their abilities. That was the point of a recent Huffington Post piece by Anika Rahman, president and CEO of the Ms. Foundation for Women, also a wife and mother. And to talk about it-- and the larger "Lean In" debate -- For Your Ears Only in this Woman's History Month, Anika Rahman joins us now. Welcome to the program...

Anika Rahman - For Your Ears Only: Women in the workplace and child care

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