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Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Lives

During Women's History Month, we hear a lot about the "firsts" for women.

The first woman to head a national clown organization. The first woman to scale the Empire State Building. The first woman to eat 75 pickles in under a minute.

Really? (No. We made those up.)

The true stories of the trailblazing women who have triumphed over inequality – women like Nancy Pelosi, the first female Speaker of the House of Representatives – are extraordinary.

But that's just it. We marvel at their success in part because it's so unattainable for so many others. Their historical victories haven't yet translated into everyday realities.

Women's History Month is incomplete without an understanding of the struggles and triumphs of real women – women who still earn only 77 percent of men's pay, women who experience high rates of gender-based violence. And the invisible – but incredible – women who are creating lasting change in their local communities.

This Women's History Month, as the Ms. Foundation for Women salutes pioneering women who paved the way forward, we'll feature 31 blog posts – one each day – from women across the country writing about the issues most important in their everyday lives.

The truth is that women disproportionately face challenges to their safety, economic security and reproductive rights – particularly, low-income women, women of color and immigrant women. For example, in two fields disproportionately represented by women of color – child care and food service – nearly three-quarters lack access to paid sick time, jeopardizing their job security and forfeiting income when they are sick or must care for a sick child.

Those are the untold stories. What's yours?

Are you concerned that U.S. women are losing ground in science, technology, engineering and math? Do child care expenses make it difficult to support your family? Are you fed up with attacks on your reproductive rights? We want to hear about the most pressing challenges in your life – and how you think we can leverage the success of trailblazing women to improve the lives of all women.

Please limit your post to 300 words. Blogs must be submitted by March 15. Submit your blog post, along with a photo, to for consideration. All submissions must include Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Lives in the subject line. Be sure to include your name, email address and city with your submission.

Join the Ms. Foundation in our fight to eliminate barriers for all women.