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Julie F. Kay, Senior Strategist, Advocacy and Policy

Julie F. Kay is a Senior Strategist for the Ms. Foundation for Women.

A seasoned advocate for equality, Julie has extensive experience in reproductive justice, both domestic and international. As a legal consultant to the Irish Family Planning Association, she designed and filed a lawsuit that successfully challenged Ireland's ban on abortion at the European Court of Human Rights.

She has worked as a staff attorney for both the Center for Reproductive Rights and Legal Momentum, consulted for UN Women and serves on the Internal Review Board of the Guttmacher Institute. Julie's experience also includes work as an advocate for quality, affordable child care and a volunteer and staff member at a shelter for victims of domestic violence.

Julie earned a B.A. in Women's Studies and Social Studies cum laude from Harvard University, a J.D. cum laude from Brooklyn Law School and served as a law clerk in Boston, MA. She sits on the boards of the Center for Constitutional Rights and Women's Link Worldwide.

Julie Kay