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The Ms. Foundation is the Nation's leading organization for women. We take on a broad spectrum of issues affecting the health, safety and rights of women. We issue publications informed by our years of work on these issues, our own expertise and our grantees' unique ear to the ground. These resources are meant to give women, organizations, and the sector an understanding of our work and our approach to an analysis of race, class and gender.

Featured Publications

Cover New Report July 2015 Sexual Abuse of Girls in Juvenile Justice System7/9/2015: Sexual Abuse to Prison Pipeline: The Girls' Story
MSF 2014 Annual Report cover image5/18/2015: Ms. Foundation for Women 2014 Annual Report
LA Garment Workers Report5/14/2015: Hanging by a Thread: Los Angeles Garment Workers' Struggle to Access Quality Care for their Children
Child Care Needs and Access for Working Mothers in Restaurants07/09/2013: The Third Shift: Child Care Needs and Access for Working Mothers in Restaurants
40th Anniversary Timeline05/14/2013: Celebrating 40 Years of Ms. Foundation Milestones, 1973-2013
Timeline Poster05/14/2013: Poster: Celebrating 40 Years of Ms. Foundation Milestones, 1973-2013
2012 Annual Report01/08/2013: A State of Emergency: 2012 Annual Report
 Sex Ed in the South03/03/2012: Sexual Health of Young People in the U.S. South: Challenges and Opportunities
 BMSG - Penn State01/19/2012: Breaking News on Child Sexual Abuse: Early coverage of Penn State 

Featured Resources

 CSA Youth Infographic10/30/2012: Hyde Amendment Anniversary Infographic
Tipped Minimum Wage02/12/2013: Tipped Minimum Wage Infographic
Roe v. Wade01/22/2013: Roe v. Wade Access Infographic
Roe v. Wade Map01/22/2013: Roe v. Wade Access Map Infographic
 Hyde Infographic10/30/2012: Hyde Amendment Anniversary Infographic

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