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Imagine...What if you were president of the United States?

As President Obama gets ready to be inaugurated for his second term, there's a list of unfinished business we are hoping he will work to resolve. First off, we expect the president to appoint more diverse constituents to his new Cabinet. The lack of women in his office is shameful. We know the first step to making true change for women is to get women at decision-making tables. When it comes to advancing laws and policies that protect women's rights, safety and well-being, there's still much more to do.

Below is a snapshot of the unfinished business we are working on. The Ms. Foundation for Women wants to know what women's issues you would prioritize.

Imagine that you are president. What would your top three changes for women be? We want to know! Please send us your list now.

Reproductive Rights and Health Care

  • Expand family planning services
  • Mandate comprehensive sex education programs in public schools
  • Repeal the Hyde amendment, ensure all women have access to abortion services/care
  • Repeal burdensome state-based abortion restrictions
  • Increase access to emergency contraception

Child Care

  • Ensure affordable child care
  • Establish and protect labor rights for child care workers

Violence and Child Sexual Abuse

  • Remove statute of limitations for criminal charges of sexual assault and child sexual abuse
  • Implement a national standard for child sexual abuse prevention practices in youth-serving organizations
  • Require law-enforcement professionals to have ample training and resources to investigate reports of sexual violence
  • Ensure that prosecutors have prompt and high-quality forensic support
  • Establish requirements to test rape kits
  • Reauthorize VAWA and expand it to include protections for same-sex couples, undocumented immigrants and Native Americans


  • Advance health care access for LGBTQ communities
  • Expand policies that promote economic stability for LBGTQ people living in poverty
  • Legalize gay marriage

This is just a smattering of the changes we would implement if we were president. What would you do? Tell us today and make the case for policies that matter to women.