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Speaking Out

Speaking Out on Issues

Getting the Message Out

It seems obvious that women should be speaking out loudest on the issues that affect us most directly—like pay equity, gender discrimination, reproductive rights and gender-based violence. Yet, the voices of women are regularly ignored, disregarded or dismissed. We refuse to let our issues be defined for us. We refuse to be silent. At the Ms. Foundation, we are constantly working to bring women’s perspectives and voices into the headlines, onto the airwaves, throughout social media and into the national conversation.

Speaking Out and Talking Back

We speak out on a broad range of issues that impact women to ensure they are elevated, amplified and discussed in a serious way at the highest levels. Likewise, when an individual or a group makes assertions that are false, harmful or insulting to women, we go on the offensive. We will not stand for regressive voices telling women how to live, think or behave. When we take a stand, we don’t back down.

Plugged In and Connected

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