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The Ms. Foundation is the Nation's leading organization for women. We take on a braod spectrum of issues affecting the health, safety and rights of women. We welcome media inquiries related to our work, mission and core issues. Our recent press releases, statements and commentaries are available below for your use.

Commentaries & News

We are the nation's leading voice on women's issues, and our voice is loud. We regularly contribute to, and are cited in, prominent media outlets.

02/10/2012: Komen For The Cure: Breasts, With a Side of Politics [Huffington Post]
08/05/2011: Help Working Women on Mother's Day [Politico]
03/14/2011: Budget Cuts Spell Crisis for Women with HIV [RH Reality Check]
03/08/2011: International Women's Day: Miles to Walk, in the US and Across the Seas [Common Dreams]
02/23/2011: Collateral Damage: Poor Women Pay the Price in the Right's War on Women's Health [RH Reality Check]
01/24/2011: Abortion Rights: When Dollars Can Mean the Difference Between Life and Death [Alternet]
10/28/2011: Gender Pay Gap Takes on Added Significance in Tough Economic Times [The Hill Blog]
10/25/2010: What's Pushing Women Away From Voting? []
10/20/2010: Out Cry: Ending Violence Against LGBTQ Youth [Women's Media Center]
09/27/2010: Recovery for Who? Economic Recovery Means Little to Struggling Low-Income Women [The International Museum of Women]
06/24/2010: Tired Americans Want Government Help [Politico]
06/16/2010: The Gulf Coast Catastrophe: Let's Put Our Trust in Women's Solutions [AlterNet]

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