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The Ms. Foundation is the Nation's leading organization for women. We take on a braod spectrum of issues affecting the health, safety and rights of women. We welcome media inquiries related to our work, mission and core issues. Our recent press releases, statements and commentaries are available below for your use.

Commentaries & News

We are the nation's leading voice on women's issues, and our voice is loud. We regularly contribute to, and are cited in, prominent media outlets.

07/11/2013: Sentenced to Forfeit Human Rights [Op-ed in the Huffington Post]
06/05/2013: Anika Rahman - Working Women are Good for America [Good Morning America]
03/18/2013: Anika Rahman - Women in the Workplace and Child Care [For Your Ears Only]
03/01/2013: Affordable Child Care Necessary to Reviving Gender Equality [The Huffington Post]
02/22/2013: Julie F. Kay | Ky. needs to allow wider DNA testing in sex crimes [Kentucky Courier-Journal]
02/19/2013: Cuomo seeks change to state abortion laws [Metro NY]
02/05/2013: Reproductive Justice Confers Degrees of Privilege [Women's eNews]
01/30/2013: Anika Rahman: The Trailblazer [The Columbia Law School Magazine]
12/31/2012: Garden State Topic: Child Sexual Abuse Must Step Out of the Shadows, Into the Light[New Jersey Spotlight]
12/22/2012: Young women are fighting back against media portrayals of beauty []
12/10/2012 The Ms Foundation: Focus on Chicago – Celebrating 40 years [L Stop Magazine]
10/28/2012: Penn State's obligation to lead during child sexual abuse conference [Centre Daily Times]
10/22/2012: Barriers to Women's Equality Obscured by Binder Jokes [The Huffington Post]
10/15/2012: Why the abortion and faith question is relevant []
10/11/2012: What About Women? [Huffington Post]
07/27/2012: Anika Rahman - My Muslim Identity [The Huffington Post]
06/28/2012: True Justice For Child Sexual Abuse Survivors is Prevention [MomsRising]
06/07/2012: Protecting Children Requires More Than Just Car Seats: Shifting Cultural Norms to End Child Sexual Abuse [Huffington Post]
04/26/2012: Mommy Wars: An Attempt to Disenfranchise Women [Huffington Post]
04/02/2012: Facing Tough Financial Choices, Health Insurance Is Often Sacrificed [Huffington Post]

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